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Key Benefits Of Tenda AC1200 Dual Band WiFi Router

Tenda ac1200 dual band

Tenda ac1200 dual band

Key Benefits Of Tenda AC1200 Dual Band WiFi Router

With the Tenda wireless wifi router in your home, office, and workshops, you can create a reliable and stable wifi network. The Tenda ac1200 wifi router is compliant with IEEE802.11ac that delivers a fast wifi network in the entire home. It is 3× faster as compared to the 11n router. This router offers data transmission rates of up to 1167 Mbps. TheTenda ac1200 dual band router utilizes dual band data technology that delivers a superior data transmission rate of up to 1167 Mbps. It is a very suitable network for every home and office. It fulfills all the meets of the wifi network. If you do online work then you can use this network and do online work quickly without any difficulty. This router is not expensive and easily gets near the market and online.

The Tenda wifi router uses many technologies and then provides a steady connection to all the networking devices. Many networking devices are easily connected to the Tenda router. This router has three yellow LAN ports, you can use these ports and quickly make the connection within seconds. It has the capacity to handle +20 networking at the same time.

Benefits of Tenda Ac1200 dual band wifi router

The Tenda router has four external antennas that deliver smooth wifi coverage with better performance. This router comes with many benefits and delivers optimum wifi network range in the entire home. There are some benefits of the ac1200 wifi router.


Fast Transmission and Stable Signals

The Tenda ac1200 wireless router has 802.11ac Wave 2.0 technology that offers fast transmission speed and stable or strong signal. This technology is better as compared to the 11n. Aside from this, it is three times faster. With the Tendfs wireless network range, you can play online games with your family members, guests, and online friends. It allows wireless network speeds up to 1167 Mbps. The Tenda ac1200 dual band router creates a strong and stable signal. Its amplified and powerful signal quickly kills the wifi dead zone and interrupts the wireless network signal.

Beamforming+ MU-MIMO New Technology

The key benefits of the Tenda ac1200 dual band wifi router is beamforming and mu-mimo technology. Now, the question arises what is beamforming technology and how to work, so the answer is beamforming technology creates a new wireless signal. With which you get strong wifi network connectivity. It quickly increases the wireless range without distributing the network. You can easily connect your smart mobile phone to the Tenda wifi network. The MU-MIMO technology is allowed to connect more networking devices and send data. If the MU-MIMO technology is not built-in in the router then it cannot handle many networking devices. The MU-MIMO wireless networking technology allows the connection of up to 20 networking devices to the router, wired or wire-free without any distribution.

Quickly update the firmware of the Tenda AC1200 Dual Band router

The firmware is mainly important to the Tenda wifi router. If you time-to-time not update the firmware then it doesn not deliver a stable and power range. For this, you should upgrade the router’s firmware. To update the firmware you need an IP address and web address. This information is located in the manual. Then use the safari, Mozilla Firefox, opera, and internet explorer of your choice and fill in the address. After that, get the login page of the Tenda ac1200 router. You can use tenda ingresar admin and input in the given password column. You can click the firmware upgrade option and then upgrade the firmware of the ac1200 router.

Greatest coverage with External antennas

The Tenda ac1200 router has come with four external antennas that deliver wider coverage with a reliable network. You can use this antenna properly. If you don’t set the antennas in a proper manner then you don’t get wider coverage. The antenna capacity of the Tenda ac1200 dual band router is 5dBi. That easily expands the network coverage without worrying about the interrupted signal.

Secure Setup of Tenda ac1200 dual band router

The setup of the Tenda ac1200 is simple and quick. You can use the Tenda app and quickly set it up without any difficulty. To set up the ac1200 router, you can install the Tenda app and log in to the account. After that, appease the setup wizard, click on it and then do the setup.

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