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Invisalign Attachments – Everything You Should Know About

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Invisalign Attachments

Invisalign Attachments – Everything You Should Know About

Invisalign is the revolutionary teeth-straightening technology. It corrects misalignment of the teeth in a comfortable and much hassle-free manner. The aligner trays are made from high quality, flexible, clear, transparent plastic. It practically remains invisible inside the mouth. In some cases, dentists providing the cutting-edge teeth straightening treatment recommend attachments. Now you must be wondering, what are these attachments?

These are tiny dots that stick to the teeth. Also known as invisalign attachments, their role is to make sure your teeth move more efficiently. When you have taken the invisalign tray out of your mouth, the attachment bumps remain invisible. But when the aligner trays are back in place it is obvious the clear braces will show.  

Now in the following section let us explore few tried and tested tips to make these clear aligner trays much less visible.

Tips to make clear aligner trays much less visible

These days a wide and effective range of teeth straightening treatments is available. But people choose invisalign over other alternatives because it remains virtually invisible inside the mouth. It does not make one unnecessarily self-conscious and neither looks awkward. But certain habits and activities can make it prominent and visible. Remember the things discussed below to keep your plastic aligner trays less noticeable.

Avoid drinks that are likely to stain the transparent aligner trays

This is something crucial and it should not be taken lightly. Even if you cannot completely avoid, at least limit intake of those drinks. What are those drinks? Well, these are some of the commonest drinks like coffee, red wine and tea. While having any of those drinks make sure to remove the aligner trays from the mouth. Once the drinking session gets over, brush the teeth before wearing the aligners back. If you cannot brush, make sure to rinse the mouth well before placing the aligner trays back. 

Maintain a sound oral hygiene regimen

While you are undergoing invisalign treatment, stay away from teeth whitening procedures. Proper and regular brushing enables getting rid of food particles or debris stuck in the mouth. This reduces the level of harmful microbes in the mouth. Flossing is also equally important during your invisalign days to maintain sound oral hygiene. Do not forget to carry floss picks in a pocket wherever you go while on invisible braces treatment.

No lipstick for ladies

Lipsticks are also a strict no for ladies while you are your invisalign journey. Why? That is because just like caffeine and red wine these can too stain the clear transparent aligner trays pretty easily.  Apparently avoiding lipstick and sticking to your natural smile may seem burdensome but you will easily get used to it in a few days. And remember, you have to pay a small price to gain something in this world.

Time to give up smoking

Smoking is cancerous, it damages the heart and the lungs apart from running your overall health and wellbeing. In addition to that, invisalign patients should note, nicotine and tar in tobacco stains the plastic aligners easily. As a result, the clear transparent trays will look yellowish which is pretty unsightly. Moreover, habitual smoking is also likely to affect the beauty and the appeal of invisalign.

Routine visits to your invisalign provider are important

Invisalign patients are required to return to the practice on routine visits at regular intervals. The cutting-edge invisible braces treatment requires regular monitoring. Moreover, little adjustments are required to be made here and there to ensure the aligner trays sit tight on the teeth to facilitate their timely shifting.  If your invisalign provider feels you should make certain changes in your lifestyle or daily routine for better treatment output, he or she will intimate you the same during those routine visits. If you expect desired results from your treatment on time, never miss out these routine checkups with your invisalign dentist.

The objective of invisalign technology is not only to correct your misalignment issues with the teeth but also to do it discreetly so that no one notices that you are wearing those awkward orthodontic braces. When stains catch up with the aligner trays, it no more remains discreet, rather becomes easily visible. And this defeats the sole purpose of wearing clear aligners. Stains on the clear plastic aligners undeniably look unsightly. Follow the tips above and you clear plastic aligner trays will definitely remain less noticeable.     

Scope and limitations of invisalign

Invisible braces treatment is ideal to correct a number of orthodontic issues including the following:

  • Overbite – in which the upper teeth jut out in front of the bottom ones
  • Crooked teeth and
  • Under bite – the bottom teeth jut out in front of the upper ones
  • Gapped teeth
  • Crowded teeth – teeth overlap and twist over one another
  • Cross bite – when the mouth is closed, some of the upper teeth sit inside the lower ones
  • Open bite – the teeth in the upper and the lower rows do not meet

On the other hand, there are certain orthodontic problems that the clear plastic aligner cannot fix.

  • When a crooked tooth needs to be rotated to a significant extent, invisalign proves insufficient.
  • If the gaps between adjacent teeth are insignificant, the cutting-edge technology can handle it smartly. However, if the gaps are large then it proves inadequate.
  • It cannot sort out the problem of midline discrepancy of more than 2 mm.
  • It cannot either raises or lowers the position of the tooth in the jaw line.

If you interested for this cutting-edge tooth straightening treatment, it better to get your eligibility assess in the first place. Feel free to contact us for a “no obligation” initial consultation.

Can you refuse invisalign attachments?

Yes, it is perfectly alright to refuse your invisalign attachments and yet the technology will work to straighten your teeth. However, when you refuse wearing the attachments, teeth straightening is likely to be a lengthier affair. Moreover, you have to take consent of the top invisalign provider to go without the attachments. Your orthodontist is the most ideal person to assess your condition to decide whether you can go without these attachments.

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