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How to Treat Chapped Feet Permanently

Chapped Feet

Chapped Feet

How to Treat Chapped Feet Permanently

It permanently after being fed up from using creams and Vaseline without convenient results. In brief, chapped problem distorts the outer beauty of women in general and the feet smoothness in particular, and it is not restricted to adults only, but it also infects young people and youths sometimes.

How to get rid of chapped feet:

If a friend of yours, someone from your family or you suffer from this problem, below you will find some easy ways to solve it. Just follow us an you will not regret.

Firstly, by vegetable oils:

The vegetable oil is very useful in the treatment of chapped feet; it can prevent that and provide softness to the feet, and among the most important and useful vegetable oils for this matter, there is: olive oil, sesame oil, coconut oil and others.


before using vegetable oils, you have to scrabble your feet to peel the dry layer that cracked. Using a pumice stone or a rough sponge, when you’ done, wash and dry your feet, and then oil them well, leave them greased as long as possible, and don’t forget to repeat the process daily until you get rid of the cracks in your feet.

Secondly, by lemon:

There are two ways to get rid of cracked heels feet with lemon, if you want to discover them, follow us.

The first way:

Soak your feet for a while in warm water that mixed with lemon juice, and then peel the dry chapped layer using a pumice stone.

The second way:

Put some thin lemon slices in a way that completely covers the heels in your feet. The chapped places, and then wear a pair of thick socks and don’t take them off till the morning. In the morning, dry your feet and moisten them with a strong cream or any kind of vegetable oils to guarantee that. The new layer won’t dry and to be sure that the dead skin layer. Chapped completely dissolved by the sour lemon squeezer which is so effective in such cases.

Thirdly, by bananas:

It commonly known that ripe bananas have a lot of health benefits as fruit, but just few who know that the bananas are also useful and effective as cure for chapped feet, follow us if you want to know how to use it for this goal.


Take some ripe bananas, mash them very well till you have a soft paste, and then put it on the chapped places in your feet and leave it from 10 to 15 minutes till the cracks become soft. When you did, wash your feet well and then put them in cold water for some time. As you follow this way every day for some weeks, you will notice the difference and your feet will completely healed from the cracks.

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