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How to Split Large PST File into Smaller Parts?

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How to Split Large PST File into Smaller Parts?

In this post, we will discuss a simple and proven solution to split a large PST file into many smaller parts, also we will get both the solution an easy or free method to split the Outlook PST files. Many users face the problem of large PST files and they want to reduce the size of the PST file. To overcome the problem of reducing the size or separating PST files users can use any of the solutions. However, before going to the solution, first, we know about the PST files. So, let’s get started. 

What is a PST file?

PST file is the Personal Storage Table which is an Outlook data file. The PST files maintains all Outlook data that sends emails, contacts, calendars, notes, tasks, journals, and many more information. The Outlook file supports the ANSI PST file format and also supports the UNICODE file. In various versions of Outlook, the maximum size can be up to 50 GB. Different types of PST files transfer data to a separate PST file, active etc.

Why do You need to Split a Large PST File?

Some of the reasons to split the Outlook PST files are provided below;

  • Due to the large size of PST files, the Outlook performance is reduced which requires the splitting of PST files.
  • If a large PST file exceeds its allowed limit, then there is a chance of corruption of the Outlook PST file.
  • To avoid data loss due to a very large PST file, it is necessary to break a large PST file size into smaller files.
PST file

Manual Methods of splitting the PST File

There is a manual procedure for splitting the Outlook document however users do face many hurdles while splitting the Outlook PST files manually. The steps to split the large PST files are provided below;

1- Click on the file menu and then click on the Account Settings again and click on the Account Settings.

2- In the Account Setup wizard, click Add under the Data Files option

3- Enter a doc name and type it as an Outlook Data (.pst) file. 

4 – Click OK to continue

5- With the new PST file created, you can easily view the new under Data Files

6- Re-click on the File and go to the Open & Export button after it clicks on the Import / Export

7- In the Import / Uninstall Wizard

8- Select Send to File button 

9- Click on the ‘Next’ button

10- Select Outlook Data File (.pst) from Send to file window

11- Select the required folder to export and check and install the subfolders option

12- Click Browse and select the location you want to save the submitted file. 

13- In the options, click Do Not Export Duplicate Items and then click the ‘Finish’ button

PST file

The manual method is a complex way to split the large Outlook PST files 

Professional method to split the Large PST file

The professional method to Split PST file is easy and convenient to be followed. It is an easy splitting of the Outlook PST. Any kind of hurdle is not faced by the users while using this advanced Split Outlook tool. The steps easy to be followed by user;

1- Download this Split PST app from your app

2- Install the app

3- Select the file you want to access

4- Preview the files

5- Select the option you want or want to remove or reset the password.

6- Finally, click the “process” button.

Users can easily follow an easy splitting of the Outlook PST files. Any hurdle not faced by the users using this advanced Split PST application. Moreover, steps can implanted easily even by the novice user. 

About the tool

This Split Outlook application professionally tested tool that helps to separate Outlook PST files for easy and efficient viewing. Any user does not need to install any other third-party application to go through the Outlook file partitioning process using this application. By using Split Outlook PST Software one can split Outlook PST files reliably without the support of technical management. There is no obstacle for users to split their PST files. Application compatibility is amazing so users can use this app in any version of the Windows Operating System. With the proper preview of PST files, a split done so that a healthy result given to users by the app. An application that the user can use. In just a few steps a direct result given to the app.

Final Statement

Users should try this amazing Split Outlook PST Software to split their Outlook PST files. The application is a great tool for separating Outlook PST files. Additionally, users can try out the trial version of the app. This trial version is free for all users and thus helps users in getting more information about the tool.

If the user not satisfied with this trial version, they purchase a licensed version of the tool. The full-time help service is also provided to users so that when a user encounters an obstacle when they are unable to resolve that doubt freely.

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