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How to run an Instagram contest and gain followers

Instagram contest

Instagram contest

How to run an Instagram contest and gain followers

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Even people with a lot of money appreciate free gifts, prizes and things and this is precisely why running Instagram contests is an effective alternative.

For users with a large number of followers, running an Instagram contest can be an ideal way to generate interactions, as effective as advertising within the platform, at least if you know how to properly manage them to gain followers. The best way to buy cheap followers Instagram UK and grow your account is to use services that help you grow your audience and strengthen your relationship with your followers.

Now, we will explain everything you need to know to run an Instagram contest!

What is Instagram position on contests?

Unlike Face book, Instagram does not have any type of restriction for contests and giveaways, so brands and businesses have taken advantage of them to grow the audience for their accounts. In this regard, among the conditions established by the platform is that the accounts must include a clarification in which they indicate that Instagram has nothing to do with the realization of the same and that the participants must be at least 13 years old, such as establishes the app in its terms of use.

The clarification should read the following: “According to the rules of Instagram, this giveaway contest is not connected, directed or sponsored by Instagram. Only entrants over 13 years of age will be considered for the life of this contest. Participants must adhere to the rules of Instagram”.

You can copy this text and include it in the conditions of each contest you carry out.

Also, you can’t tag people who aren’t in your posts or ask other users to do the same. This is a common mistake on many accounts that regularly run contests and can cause your account to be suspended.

We explain step by step how to make an Instagram contest.

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Set a goal for your contest

The goal is simply what you want to achieve. This can be to gain followers, increase the engagement of your account, obtain an email database or simply make users interact with content and generate more publications associated with your brand.

Contests help you generate engagement and increase the visibility of your account. Even inviting your followers to mention other users in the comments section can attract new followers who will not only participate, but may even be interested in the products or services you offer.

This is one of the best word of mouth techniques on the platform. See it this way, if you establish in the conditions that to participate, each user must mention three friends, it means that for every 100 users who participate, and there will be 300 people who will receive a notification associated with your account, brand or business.

Additionally, it is advisable to create brand hash tags that are in favor of your goal, be it to gain followers or increase your engagement.

Determine what the plan will be to run your contest

The first step of your plan begins right when you decide what your goal is. There is no magic formula that applies to all accounts, since your business / brand will have objectives that depend on your niche, your audience and the nature of your products and services.

Follow these steps to create an effective plan for your contest:

Choose an attractive prize

The award you choose will be the main motivation for your followers to encouraged to participate, so it must be attractive enough and associated with your brand. It is useless to offer an iPhone if it is not directly related to your account, since the followers you generate will come solely for the prize and not for what your brand represents. The more attractive the award, the more extensive the conditions must be. Also, smaller prizes will require simpler conditions.

Set a limit on the value of the prize

Do not make the mistake of not setting limits for the prizes that you are offering to the winners of your contest, since the responses of your followers may be higher than expected. Setting a limit will help you control the level of exposure and manage participant participation more effectively. You can add limits by including phrases like “for the first 100 participants.”

These limits will also add value to your contest, encouraging your followers to participate faster for fear of missing out on a chance to win a prize. It also allows you to limit the expectations of your followers to a point where you can meet them.

Clarify the conditions of your contest

There is a basic principle when setting the conditions for a contest: Don’t make it unnecessarily difficult!

Ask yourself: What do you want your followers to do to participate and how will this action help you achieve your goal?

No matter what the prize is, setting too many conditions for the contest. That can have the opposite effect than you expect , running the risk. Not only that users will not participate, but that they will get upset and decide to unfollow you.

Set the duration of your contest

When we talk about dynamics in social networks, and on the Internet in general, it is important that. Everything has a clear beginning and end. Don’t keep your followers waiting for a draw with no date set. Establish a participation period, a week, 15 days or a month, and a date to announce the winners from day one.

Include hash tags in your contests

Hash tags must be representative of your brand, product, and your contest. A good example is # Sorteo + (Your brand name).

Explain how the winners will be chosen from the get-go

Although entering a contest does not generally require an investment, no fan will appreciate the dynamics. If they suspicious of the way the winners chosen. Do your best to be clear up front, explaining to your followers how the winners will chosen. Fortunately, you can help you with tools to choose winners of Instagram contests.

It is also a good idea to show the moment the winner chosen and a photo of the winner receiving the award.

Launch the contest

Before launching the contest it is important that you verify that you have created a publication that is clear. Attractive, paying attention to your caption and even include some phrases for Instagram. That are in tune with the nature of your contest. After following the steps that we have mentioned, you are ready to launch your contest.

In conclusion

Running an Instagram contest is an amazing way to get more and more people to turn to your posts. By launching a contest leaving the conditions clear and following. The instructions that we have just explained, you will see how you generate organic growth. Your account and best of all, you will see the results in a short time.

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