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How to recognize if Employees are Resistant to Organizational Change

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Organizational Change

How to recognize if Employees are Resistant to Organizational Change

Some employees might not be ready for organizational change. It might be beneficial for the company but not for the employees due to which they resist the change management process. The manager should be aware of the tips and tricks of change resistance. The resistance will affect the productivity, and competency of the employees as well as of the business itself.

Here are few things to identify resistance change:

Avoidance of new projects

Upon assigning a new project to an employee in an organization, he sees it as a challenge to seek new opportunities and new successes to increase compensation and get promoted. In contrast, if an employee exhibits signs of change resistance, he or she will avoid new initiatives. They would rather stay in their current situation and will not consider prospects. Employees may avoid organizational change because they are stressed. He will come up with some bizarre justifications to oppose new rules.

Increase in number of absents

Another strategy for an employee to resist change is to take more sick days. Many employees put in extra effort and stay till late at night. However, if they do not like the change, they will wish to leave as soon as possible. And the interest rate will fall. They will not say anything but will demonstrate their opposition to change management via their conduct. Absenteeism is an indication of unhappiness and makes it difficult to alter.

Less productivity

Productivity will decline. Employees will miss deadlines. Change normally boosts productivity, but certain employee attitudes reduce and demotivate others’ behavior toward organizational change. They may also feel exploited at times. Managers plan and implement change while inspiring employees, which goes against their will.

Lack of adoption

Most of the time the change employee resistance is unavoidable and visible whenever the employees take longer to understand the need for change. They avoid new

Indicators and advantages to the new process in an organization. They do not understand how effective this change is going to be for the business. No matter how understanding the manager is the employees who are resistant to change will do things the same way. If you know the resistance indicator you will be able to act and improve the service of the employees after implementing the change.

Complaints and gossips

The increase in complaints and gossips is a sign of resistance. There will be company politics amongst the employees so that they do not have to accept any kind of change in the organization. They will also complain maybe not directly to the manager but they will gossip among themselves which will somehow reach the hierarchy. This kind of behavior not only lowers the reputation but also lowers productivity.

Managers should keep this resistance to change behavior in mind and try to note everything before implementing change. The whole company should be on the same page to encourage change. There are companies like unitive.org  that help in the implementation and as a good business consulting company you will have all the advantages.

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