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How to promote your local business using Youtube in 2022

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How to promote your local business using Youtube in 2022

business using Youtube while the pandemic has hit local businesses the hardest, it has allowed many entrepreneurs to begin their entrepreneurial journey too post-pandemic. As more people look for quality over the brand name, small businesses now have a chance to flourish with the right strategy. YouTube is a goldmine if tapped into properly. Whether it is by using YouTube to make money from it or by using videos, and ads, the possibilities to grow your business is endless.

Given that your YouTube channel is your way of promoting your local business, let’s look into how this can be done.

1. Engage with your viewers

The secret to a successful business is your viewers and subscribers. Make sure that you engage with them by replying to comments as often as possible.

A tip for you to increase engagement and also views for your videos. Keep a rule that you will personally reply to every comment posted for the first 1 hour. This does two things :

  • Incentivizes viewers to turn their alerts on and watch your video in its first one hour
  • Increases engagement with your viewers.

The YouTube algorithm will go gaga for you if they see viewers rushing to the video the moment is posted. This does get harder as you grow but it is very effective in increasing engagement.

Also, look into using trusted services like SocioBlend to get the ball rolling. They organically grow your platforms so that you can quickly leverage YouTube, Instagram, etc. and help get your business booming.

2. Refrain from explicit advertising

There is only so much promotional content you can put out on business using Youtube before it starts getting stale. Nobody is going to come to your channel wanting promotional videos. Given that YouTube itself puts ads midway through your videos, you don’t want the content to also be an ad.

Rather find problems, informational pieces, tutorials, reactions, etc. in the niche you serve and include your business subtly. This form of implicit advertising doesn’t turn users off and the job done.

Redbull would be one of the best examples of this. Instead of promoting their energy drink, they promote the brand by sponsoring events, and people, and implicitly promoting the brand in the process.

Watch Felix Baumgartner performing the space dive and notice the branding for yourself. The title of the video itself. Subtle yet Strong.

3. Produce quality content

Content is king.

Make sure you produce worthwhile content for users to watch. This will go a long way in promoting your local business on YouTube since viewers would begin to trust your word.

If you want to produce quality content, check out these tips to improve the quality of your YouTube videos

4. Be active as a viewer for business using Youtube

Most businesses on YouTube often forget that while they are a channel, they are also consumers of others’ content. One of the most organic ways of promoting your brand is by being a healthy source of encouragement and information on others’ videos.

By engaging actively in the comments section of others’ videos, you are in-directly tapping into a much wider audience.

If you follow certain channels, you always notice a few viewers who consistently post good comments. It might be useful timestamps, insightful comments or just plain positive encouragement/feedback.

DO NOT promote your channel on others’ videos if their product/service competes with yours. If it can complement theirs, then feel free to post it with proper context. This is a fine line. Be sure not to cross it.

5. Promote your local business on YouTube using ads

Never forget the mainstream forms of promoting your brand. While services like Socioblend can help you buy YouTube views and grow your channel organically, leveraging the popularity of extremely popular channels is probably a quick and easy way to get seen quickly.

While this might involve spending money, it is effective. Make sure your ads are done well. Remember, nobody comes to YouTube to watch ads. Seeing a poorly done ad on a channel can have huge repercussions since the algorithm is merciless.

There is opportunity left, right, and centre to grow your local businesses, especially on huge platforms like YouTube. Follow these steps and take your business to the next level.

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