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How to Increase Sales Using The Instagram Link in Bio

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Instagram Link in Bio

How to increase sales using the Instagram link in bio

No matter what your business is, Instagram is a proven marketing strategy for all businesses. It doesn’t only allow you to drive traffic to your website, but it also helps you increase your business sales using the Instagram link in bio. As well as being one of the best marketing tools, it is also considered one of the most powerful platforms that help you engage the audience to get quality leads. 

Like other social networks, Instagram also comes with some cons. The single link in bio is the worst downside of Instagram. Before proceeding further, I would like to answer an important question that I get asked most often: Why does Instagram provide only a single active link in the whole profile?

Well, if you’re a multi-social platform user, you might have seen many spam contents like fake thumbnails, titles, descriptions, and links in the caption of posts and comment section. Due to this, Instagram has some limitations when it comes to adding links. 

How to increase sales using the Instagram link in bio

As a blogger or brand owner, you may have many links to share with your audience. To solve this pain point, Instagram link in bio tools come into play. Using these bio tools, you can optimize your single link in bio. This way, you will be able to increase your sales using your Instagram link in bio. Here are some famous bio tools. 


It is the most famous Instagram bio tool. Linktree allows you to create landing pages so you can host your collection of links. It provides a free version, which will enable you to add unlimited links to your landing pages. Linktree’s landing pages are integrated with MailChimp, Facebook pixel, and Google analytics. 

It provides plenty of customization options that allow you to add your favorite templates, fonts, and whatever you want. The free version has limited features. If you’re going to enjoy the advanced features, upgrade it to a premium plan. 


LinkBook is an excellent Instagram link in bio tool. It provides premium features at zero cost. Though you will find many free Instagram bio tools there, LinkBook is unmatched. It allows you to create landing pages to house your multiple business links, such as links for your affiliate sites, products, blogs, and more. 

LinkBook allows you to integrate your pages with Mailchimp, Google analytics, and Facebook pixel. Not only that, it provides an advanced link tracking facility. Moreover, it gives UTM parameters, custom domains for landing pages, In-depth statistics, social embedding, and many more. 


The most potent competitor of Linktree. It provides dedicated and mobile-optimized landing pages. You can add animated avatars, GIFs, blogs, videos, and many more. Shorby allows you to add unlimited links to your landing pages. Unlike Linktree, it doesn’t provide a free version. You have to purchase a paid plan if you want to optimize your link in bio with Shorby. Here are some of its features;

  • It provides a link tracking and retargeting facility
  • You can add unlimited links
  • Shorby provides dynamic feeds, social icons, attractive designs, and messenger buttons
  • It also provides a custom URL shortener


Using Tap.Bio, you can create personalized and branded websites. It works on a card-based system. This system has the potential to help your website stand out from the crowd. Moreover, it provides an infinite number of cards. Each card has a different function. For example, one card collects posts with inactive links, while the other switches inactive links into clickable posts. With Tap.Bio, you can enjoy plenty of customization options. It also provides;

  • Free basic plan
  • Short custom URL
  • Attractive designs
  • Personalized websites

Frequently Asked Question

How to optimize Link in Bio?

You can optimize your Instagram bio links by using bio tools, including Linktree, LinkBook, Tap.Bio, Shorby, and more. 

What are Linktree alternatives?

Linktree is unable to provide a custom URL shortener. Due to this, people have started using Linktree alternatives. They include LinkBook, Tap.Bio, Shorby, ContactIn.Bio, and more. 

Why is it necessary to make the most get out of your single link in bio?

Because the bio link is the only way to drive sales and traffic to any website, it’s essential to optimize your bio links. 

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