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How to Get Jobs in Construction Industry after Covid-19

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Jobs in Construction Industry

How to Get Jobs in Construction Industry after Covid-19

One industry which has strongly affected less as compared to others is construction industry. Construction industry is one of the biggest employer in UK and Covid-19 has changed the employment landscape in the world, there are still jobs available in this industry, particularly for those people who have right skills set and qualifications. Below are the simple steps one can take to find job in these COVID Situations times.

Below are some interesting statistics about the construction Industry:

The number of construction jobs fell down in 2010 after the global financial crisis. Remained relatively low until 2016. There were 2.4 million jobs in the construction industry in 2019, 6.6% of all jobs in the UK. The construction industry is unusual because a high amount of people working in the sector are self-employed and many jobs in the construction are contracts to work on specific projects.

If you can see the statistics, Self-employed jobs in the construction sector account for 37.5% of all jobs, almost 3 times the proportion in the whole economy that is 13% and In the service sectors self-employed jobs account for only 11%
of jobs and The output in the construction Industry grew by 2% each month across all work series in November 2020, 3.5% increase in work offset the 0.6% fall in repair and maintenance and this figure has been growing for the 7month in a row since a steep decline (40.7%) in April 2020.

Get CSCS Card

Firstly, You have to give the CITB Health and Safety Test anywhere you like, There are more than 300 CSCS Card test centre’s in the UK, so you are able to book your health and safety test nearest to your location and Pass the Construction Skills Health and Safety Test once you complete that, There are various CSCS cards according to criteria and eligibility. For Example Green CSCS Card is for ground level Job, Blue skilled workers like plumbers etc.

2- Get a Certificate

There are so many different jobs available in construction industry , such as labour, with a trade, or in a manager or supervisory position, All of them have excellent earning potential. There are a lot of trainings available which can help you to get CSCS Card and enter into construction industry. For example, Level 1 award, Traffic Marshal, NVQ Level 2/3/4/5/6 .

3- Use Your Construction Network

According to studies 80% of jobs filled through existing employee. So it’s very important to be part of a network to access. Jobs in Construction Industry pools which not advertised on the company websites.

4- Have an Apprenticeship

Many organizations are offering apprenticeship letter for opportunities to prospective skilled employees. Where you earn while you study, Apprenticeships come into a wide range of varieties from basic up to degree levels.

5- Search Online Job Sites

It is a good idea to search jobs on job Portal, There jobs posted on Gumtree, fusion people, reed, total jobs etc. You can visit constructionstave.co.uk for further enquiry.

If we can see the statistics there is significant shortage of workers at construction sites. Especially in regions of the United Kingdom. The number of foreign workers n the UK decreased by 25% compared to 2019. Due to the quarantine restrictions, in April-May, many migrants left the country. While the borders closed, they cannot return and those who did not return to there.

Construction Stave have dedicated people in helping every one achieve a construction career of their dreams. Our team will assist you throughout every phase of the qualification and give you all the support. That you required so that you can pass your course, and begin a long, sustainable career. Go onto our website constructionstave.co.uk for detailed information about our construction courses, or speak directly to our team member on 07586078034.

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