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How to find a Genuine Leather Jacket for Men’s

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How to Find Genuine Leather Jacket for Men’s

Leather is a material that is used to make many products such as accessories, furniture, etc. Among all the most important products of leather are jackets. Leather jackets are the main part of men’s wardrobe. It adds charm to the men’s personality.

Moreover, when you style a normal dress with a leather jacket, it completely changes its look and makes it look like the outfit that catches the eyes of people around you. But when it comes to the quality of leather, people get confused about it. This article will help you out to choose genuine leather jacket men so, we will also tell you some of the best brands for leather jackets for men.

How to recognize genuine leather jackets

Here are some tips that will help you out to identify a good quality leather jacket. As we know that many local shops and frauds sell their products and make fools of their customers. However, you can save yourself from such fraud by focusing on some simple things. That is

  • Price tag
  • Touch and feel
  • Texture pattern
  • Smell of leather
  • Water absorbance test

The price tag is the main point that can make you differentiate between natural genuine and synthetic jackets. Two times more expensive than synthetic ones. So you can easily differentiate them.

After that, you should touch and feel the leather. Genuine leather jackets men feel soft, a little smooth, and warm to the touch. If it feels too smooth then it is not genuine leather but plastic. Real leather has a specific texture and pattern. It would look uneven, distressed, and granular. It will give you a unique look.

Synthetic leathers will smell like plastic and you can easily feel the smells of chemicals.

However, real leather will not smell like that but is very natural and organic. Real leather has such a unique smell that makes it addictive. Real leather possesses a pore due to which it easily absorbs water. However, synthetic leather will not do that. So, you can use a water absorbance test to identify genuine leather. You can also purchase your favourite leather jacket online from karahub.com.

Best brands for genuine leather jackets men

1. Leather jackets of all Saints

All saints are the brand of the U.K that is famous for its stylish and cool jackets. They provide jackets of many different colors and designs. And the quality of leather that they use for their jackets is outstanding. They are well known for their exclusively large collars and high necks. They supply their products to all around the world.

 2.Leather Jackets Of Balmain

It is a French brand. It’s famous for its best quality fabric and material. Although they are expensive, it is worth it. Because you will not find such quality anywhere else. However, along with the best quality, they come up with the best designs too. You can wear these jackets as both casual and party wear.

 3.leather jackets from Gucci

There is no need to introduce Gucci because almost everyone knows about it. This is the brand that proved that you can style any dress in any way. They always come up with a new design, new pattern, and new style. Along with all these things they never compromise with the quality. They have an outstanding fashion sense. They design the jackets with zips, thread works, and buttons.


In a nutshell, a leather jacket is a thing that never disappoints you because of its special look. A leather jacket adds charm and elegance to the personality of the wearer. And if find Genuine Leather Jacket then what else do you want? A genuine leather jacket not just adds to your look but also gives you a soft and warm feel.

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