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How to Filter Your Water at Home

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filter your water at home

How to Filter Your Water at Home

Water is life. Without water, it is not possible to live here. However, the available water is not so clean. So, we have to make it clean by purifying it. The water filter does the job best. Whereas you can take other steps to clean water. Filtering water at home can be challenging if you don’t know how to filter your water at home. Today, I am going to tell you how you can filter water at your home. Let’s get started.


Perhaps this is the most common way of filter your water at home. Heating water at a certain level kills the germs, bacteria, and viruses in it. Boiled water is good for health. If you heat water for just one minute it will become drinkable. Experts suggest that when there are no hard particles on water, the best way to purify water is to boil it. Well, if there are any hard particles, you should filter them with a high-quality water filter.


People living in areas there is no deep tube well have to depend on tablets to filter your water at home. Especially for the people who bring water from the well, river, or any other streams. In a situation like this, water purification tablets can be handy. These tablets remove harmful pathogens, bacteria, viruses from water. You can find them in any pharma-shop. While using it, just keep the tablet there for a certain period, and see.

UV Treatment

When the ultraviolet ray passes through the water it kills the harmful bacteria and virus. UV rays can make water contaminant-free. You can do this at filter your water at home just by using the sunlight. Moreover, you can accelerate the process by adding some lemon juice to the water. It will make the process faster.

Activated charcoal

The water filters also use a kind of charcoal to clean water. We can use this manually as well. That is activated charcoal. Charcoal uses an adsorption process to purify water. Charcoal is well known for being highly active against all kinds of germs and bacteria. Besides that, it removes fluoride and hard impurities as well.

Travel-size Sediment Filters

This kind of filter is small in size but works a lot against water sediments. We all know that water sediment contains different harmful chemical and metal elements. That is highly dangerous for our bodies. It includes lead, aluminum, and other chemical elements. If you buy a travel-size sediment filter you can easily reduce these elements at home.

Ion Exchange Filtration

The focus of Ion-exchange filtration is on softening the water. It does this job by demineralization. Besides that, it also reduces the amount of other harmful substances in water. It is also used as deionization, disinfection, deal gallization, denitrification, etc. We can use this kind of filtration system at our home as well.

Reverse Osmosis

This is the most popular technology that is available nowadays. Most of the popular water filter brands use this technology to clean wastewater. It is a three-layer membrane technology that is made with a polyester support base. It separates water into two sections. Therefore it gives the best water filtration. The water filter we buy to use at our homes has this technology in most cases.


This is another process that we can try at our homes. Most of us must have heard the word distilled water. Yes, this is the water purification I am talking about. The distillation system depends on the vapor for water purification. It is a pretty easy formula to apply. Just heat the contaminated water and preserve the vapor it produces because of heating. Harmful particles do not go to the evaporation system. So, the vapored water is clean. Make it cool and drink.

Mechanical Filtration

It is another process where you cannot do any cleaning without using a water filter. Use a mesh filter to capture all the unwanted objects and pass the water through the water filter. The trapped particles will be on the surface of the filter and the rest of the water will be clean. You can clean water from sediment, silt, loose scale, clay, and organic matter by using a mechanical filtration system.

Emergency Filtration

Any time any emergency can take place. What will you do if something like that happens to you? What will be your water filtration process? To save you from this tension, we have to adopt an emergency filtration formula. There are some emergency water filters that are light, and portable. Keep this at your home and clean water whenever an emergency comes.

Chemical Disinfection

Using chemicals for purifying water is called chemical disinfection. You can use chlorine, chlorine dioxide, ozone to clean water. It removes the harmful bacteria, viruses, and other invisible particles that might cause damage to the human body.


If you add a certain amount of bleaching powder to the water, it will become drinkable or usable. According to the condition of water, the amount of bleach will vary. You can do it at your home by yourself. Well, before using bleach on water, you have to make the container clean.

Final Word

We all know how important it is to consume clean water. Without it, our life will be at risk. To make water clean we cannot always depend on others or only water filters. We have to know other tricks as well to clean water. These water filtration systems are easy to try at home. You don’t need professional skills to implement this. You can easily filter water at your home.

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