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How to Draw a Skull in 2022

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Draw a Skull

How to Draw a Skull in 2022

Skull drawing in just seven easy steps! The skull is an image we all recognize, as it has been seen in countless forms. From horror movies to biology lessons and, of course, the fact that we all have one! There is a certain fascination behind the skull, which is also an important symbol in many cultures. It can mean danger, stay away, or be used in many cultural festivals worldwide.

As recognized as the skull, it can be quite an intimidating subject to draw! If you want to learn how to draw one, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve created this guide on drawing a skull in just eight easy steps to ensure you’re attracting great heads at no juncture! sad drawings easy

How To Draw A Skull – Allows Contact Started!

Step 1

To start this guide on how to draw a skull, we’ll start by drawing a rectangle with a lighter pencil.

We’ll use a pencil for now, as this rectangle is for guidance and won’t be in the final image. Then you can draw an oval shape on top of the rectangle. Drawing an oval can be tricky if done freehand, so you can use a drawing tool like a compass to make it easier! For the oval, you also need to use a pencil for now. Our reference image will serve as a good visual guide to what it should apply!

Step 2 – Then erase the pencil and draw in the skull

For this next step, you need to draw on your oval pencil with a pen, but only the parts not inside the rectangle. Once you have drawn this, you can then erase the whole pencil. Make sure you let the ink in the pen dry properly before erasing. Otherwise, you risk smudging the ink.

Step 3 – Next, draw the cheekbones

We will draw the cheekbones for step 3 of knowing how to remove a skull. To do this, you can draw two very wavy lines that transform, as seen in the picture. If you could make them roughly the same size and shape as each other that would be great!

Step 4: Now, draw the jawbone of the skull.

We’ll add the jawbone for the next step in your skull drawing. This will extend from below the cheekbones into the shape they will appear in for the reference image. Using the image as a guide, avoiding the jawline being too long or too short is best.

Step 5 – Next, you add the first orbit

For step 5 of this guide on how to draw a skull, we will add the first eye socket. You can see from the picture that it should be round and flat on the right side and a bit more pointed on the left.

Step 6 – Now draw the other eye socket and the nose hole

In this next step, you can draw a mirror image of the left eye socket that you drew in step 5. The reference image will be your guide to placing the other eye socket. Once you have both eye sockets, you can draw the nose as it appears in the picture.

Step 7 – Next, you add the teeth and final details

For the final details of your skull drawing, we have one of the trickiest aspects of your drawing. Drawing the teeth is a bit more difficult, but we can make it easier! I would use a pencil to draw a curved line that looks like a smiley face to ensure the teeth will be even. You can then calculate the digit of teeth in the reference image and use your pencil to draw curved lines down over the guideline you have drawn. Once you have drawn all the teeth, you can add more lines for the teeth details, as you can see in the reference image.

When happy with the teeth, you should go over them with a pen and then erase your pencil lines. Once done, only a few line details are left to add to the skull, especially around the eyes and cheeks. With these final details drawn, your skull drawing is almost complete! The last step is fun because you fill your skull design with some nice colors. There are also numerous courses to do this. We’ve shown a way to color it, but you should let your creativity run free! You can opt for a more realistic look or use some of your favorite bright colors for an amazing look.

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