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How To Choose Landscape Lighting And Why It Matters? Professional Advice

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Landscape Lighting

How To Choose Landscape Lighting And Why It Matters? Professional Advice

Landscape lighting is an integral part of any modern landscape design.

From the entrance on the driveway of the house to the unique gardens or fountains located in recreation areas, professionally selected and planned landscape lighting allows you to accentuate the most beautiful places and elements of the adjacent territory of the object.

At night, landscape lighting creates an elegant and romantic atmosphere, especially for open areas of the territories of cozy restaurants, shopping and entertainment centers, cottages. Thanks to landscape lighting, MAFs and luxurious flower beds no longer hide in the shade but remain functional works of art even after sunset.

Why is landscape lighting important?

Landscape lighting allows us to continue enjoying the beauty of our environment even when it’s dark. It makes the landscape more dramatic – an intriguing play of shadows emphasizes the beauty of plants, objects with underwater lighting (pools, fountains), and other elements. By focusing on the most important details of the landscape, also has an applied nature, helping people to move freely around the territory at night.

Where outdoor landscape lighting works best.

The bulk of outdoor landscape lighting should be unobtrusive, targeting discrete lighting and keeping the land scape in focus. Thus, it is better to “hide” lamps for lighting in bushes or rock formations, directing them so as to highlight leaves on tall trees or a textured wall. Glare-free lighting should continuously illuminate the walkway and staircase areas to ensure safe traffic.

Landscaping, which includes MAF views such as pools and fountains, benefits from underwater lighting, providing an elegant warm glow.

Planning of landscape lighting

Before you begin to deal with the variations in the organization of lighting in design, it should be noted that backlighting can play a role:

  • general;
  • accent.

By harmoniously combining the flooding general light and accent lighting. You can achieve high artistry of the area being designed. When creating a lighting design project, it is necessary to highlight the main objects and background elements of the overall picture, designate focal points, and then form smooth transitions between all these.

Types of landscape lighting

Landscape lighting must selected depending on the landscape design. The location of the area to be illuminated. There are various options for:

  • road lamps;
  • underground lanterns;
  • spotlights (suitable for illuminating bushes)
  • pendant lamps;
  • decorative supports;
  • bollards.

It necessary to determine in which zones the use of landscape lamps planned and the type of lighting that can be obtained from them.


The development of a lighting project is a collection of certain techniques. It is a combination of multi-level lighting schemes and different types of fixtures.

The site should have:

  • General lighting.
  • Flora lighting.
  • Architectural lighting.
  • Illumination of reservoirs.

In order for the illuminated landscape to look stylish and aesthetically pleasing, when choosing to light, you must take into account the main elements:

Beginning of work. 

The first thing to consider is the current ambient light value. This includes the choice of lighting devices, serviceability, and availability of the necessary outlets, consultation with an electrician.

Placement of accents. 

It necessary to decide which elements in landscape design will accentuated, and highlight them. This could be a landscape, concrete trees or bushes, a fountain, or perhaps a courtyard.

The choice of light. 

First of all, you need to choose outdoor lighting: floodlights, pendant lamps, or road lamps. You can also consider a combination of all three, depending on how complex the lighting setup will be. Spotlights will emit the wide beam needed to illuminate a large area,  as the spotlights will scatter a narrow beam of light, typically less than 45 degrees wide. Lamps are most effective for illuminating walkways and paths. Next, you need to select the type of lighting: LED, halogen, or fluorescent.

Halogen lamps give a more intense and brighter light than fluorescent ones. They also consume more electricity and generate a significant amount of heat compared to fluorescent lighting, which generates very little heat. Fluorescent bulbs are more expensive and less energy-efficient than halogen bulbs, but incandescent bulbs pose a potential health hazard if broken because they contain mercury, which is toxic. LED bulbs are favorites for their performance: they last longer and consume much less energy.

Consultation with specialists. 

The designer of the Done Right – Landscape Lighting experts – convinced that every should be unique, interesting, vivid, and memorable. It is an integral part of it, thanks to which the overall picture becomes perfect, and the landscape is stylish and functional.

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