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How to Choose an Espresso Machine for Your Home

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How to Choose an Espresso Machine for Your Home

Espresso lovers need that steaming hot cup of java to kick start their day. There is nothing better than that first electrifying sip of a strong, dark espresso to help get energized in the morning.

Espresso enthusiasts love to be equipped with an espresso machine in their own homes, as it is not always possible to get to the local coffee shop. To be the ultimate home barista, you must have the right espresso equipment as well as the knowledge and experience to brew the perfect cup.

How do you choose the perfect espresso machine? With so many models and at different price points, it may be a little overwhelming to choose the right machine. Luckily, we at Anthony’s Espresso, have created the ultimate guide to help you choose the perfect espresso machine for your home kitchen.

Before you invest in a new espresso machine, be sure to understand what exactly you are looking for and what you expect from your machine. Espresso machines differ in terms of cost, availability, and function. Be sure to consider the following when choosing an espresso machine:

1. Drinks

Any espresso machine purchased at Anthony’s Espresso will be a great choice, but our goal is to make sure that your machine blends in perfectly with your morning routine. If you love sipping on large milk drinks, it is best to choose a heat exchanger or dual boiler machine, unless you are not making more than one drink at once. If you prefer Americanos or straight-up espressos, then we recommend a single boiler machine.

2. Space

Be sure to measure the amount of counter space available for your new machine. You will need enough counter surface area as well as height under any above cabinetry.

 3. Budget

New espresso enthusiasts often under-allocate money for a new grinder and overpay for the espresso machine. Most extravagant machines are large dual boilers and we understand that this purchase is part function and part form. At Anthony’s Espresso, our goal is to imitate the posh café performance at home while balancing space, aesthetics and budget.

 4. Frequency

How frequently do you use your espresso machine? Only once a day for your morning coffee or throughout the day for multiple drinks? Do you have family and friends over to enjoy coffee together?

A small dual boiler or a single boiler is the best option to cover you for a simple morning cup. However, for several back-to-back beverages during the day, we recommend a larger dual boiler machine.

5. Grinder Selection

Choosing the right grinder is crucial. The most common misconception is looking for which grinder would go perfectly with your machine. It is to be noted that your grinder is not just a machine that you need to pair with.

A good idea is to visit your favorite café and ask what kind of grinder they use. Keep in mind that brands are not as important as the burr type and size. This will give you an indication of which home grinder will be perfect for replicating those flavors.

Enjoy your Espresso with Anthony’s Espresso

 Having been in the business for over 20 years, Anthony’s Espresso is proud to share that we are one of the leading espresso equipment sales and services companies in Canada. If you are looking for a quality espresso machine in Canada for your home, get in touch with us today and we will help you find the perfect choice. Let’s get brewing!

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