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How to Add Extra Space in a Small Bathroom?

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How to Add Extra Space in a Small Bathroom?

Along with closets and pantries, bathrooms are one of those interior design elements of a house that never seems to have enough storage space. Your bathroom serves several purposes in a little space, from your overnight shower to your morning makeup regimen. These easy tips and products like bathroom pull cord handle, and door stoppers help to maximise every square inch of space. If you’re sick of fighting your little bathroom but don’t have the time for a complete redesign. You can increase bathroom storage with these inventive small-space solutions. This will help you keep your cosmetics, toiletries, and linens organised. Moreover, the smallest bathroom can feel sumptuous with the correct storage.

Useful Hacks to Add Extra Space in a Small Bathroom

1. Install a Towel Rack

Utilise vertical space in order to make room in your linen closet or bathroom cupboards. So, extra hand towels, washcloths, and other small bathroom necessities. They are best kept in a wall-mounted rack or storage unit with individual open cubbies. This will help you to make larger towels fit the narrow holes, try curling them.

2. Make the Medicine Cabinet More Spacious

With the help of this behind-the-door hack, you may increase the bathroom wall cabinet’s storage capacity. So, to transform the surface into a storage hub for tiny grooming equipment and beauty supplies. You can attach a magnetic message board inside the door.

If you want to hold objects, you need to use thin magnetic containers and hooks. You can also attach magnet to the back of cosmetics to place them directly on door. Moreover, ensure that everything is set up so the door can still close all the way.

3. Hanging Basket Racks

In this suggestion, you need to install a set of baskets on the bathroom wall for a low-cost storage option. These options such as lotions, travel-sized towels, and cosmetics are kept confined by the elevated sides. You can install these basket shelves by driving nails into the wall through the basket’s weave.

4. Unique Bathroom Storage Products

You can sort products into distinct containers in convenient bathroom storage. So that you don’t have to rummage through drawers to find your moisturiser. Make a handful of these do-it-yourself cloth storage boxes.

This will help you to organise toiletries, cosmetics, and other beauty supplies. You may free up drawer space for less often used things by storing these open bins on open shelves. This is because they are attractive enough to keep there.

5. Establish a Cabinet for Cleaning Supplies

It is important to utilise the roomy under-sink cabinets to store cleaning products for the bathroom. The vertical space by adding a tiered organiser and a bucket so you can quickly get all the things. Additionally, useful items to keep in a bathroom cabinet. They are a paper towel dispenser and a garbage bag dispenser.

6. Use Adhesive Hooks while Making Tools

In this tip, you can utilise the area behind the doors of vanity cabinets. In order to keep hair accessories like your hair dryer and brushes organised, attach sticky hooks inside the door. Furthermore, install a wire rack below to keep hair accessories in a handy location.

7. Suspend an Organiser in the Restroom

In the shower, hanging organisers may keep your shampoo and conditioner organised. But they are also useful in the main bathroom. So that you may use it to dry towels and store toiletry items.

You need to choose a wire shower organiser that combines numerous storage options. These options are such as a basket or shelf with a horizontal rack. But make sure, it should be hung from a peg or hook in a convenient location.

8. Install Magnetic Strips

Install the magnetic strips to make it easier for you to locate bobby pins and hair clips. You can attach a magnetic strip to the inside of a cabinet or the side of a counter. Additionally, up until you need them again, the metal pins will stay fastened to the strip. Also, tweezers and nail clippers can also be inserted into the magnetic strip.

9. Look for Odd Storage Spots

It is ideal to utilise all available storage space, even odd places like the awkward space. The U-shaped construction of this drawer allows plumbing fixtures to fit within. This will help you to maximise vanity storage space.

10. Opt for a Mirror with Two Uses

For your compact rooms, this dual-purpose mirror is a wonderful storage option. Explore the fashionable round mirror when closed, which is ideal for quick makeup checks. Open the door then you’ll see shelves that can accommodate all of your personal care and cosmetics items.

11. Place Toiletry Supplies on a Cart

To implement this suggestion, you need to convert a bar cart into a mobile storage unit for the bathroom. Shakers and glasses can be swapped out for towels & lotions, or a mobile mani/Pedi station can be set up. Simply roll the unit into a closet until you need it again when you need more space.

12. Add Storage for Cleaning Products

Use a magazine rack or file folder installed on the wall as a modest bathroom storage unit for cleaning supplies. Keep cleaners, sponges, and other tools. These tools are nearby by hanging on the inside of a closet door or the side of a vanity. This is to improve organisation, and indicate the contents of each file on the label.

13. Repurpose Bathroom Furniture

In case, cabinets and drawers are insufficient, furniture is designed for living areas. They can also serve as additional little bathroom storage. This tiny glass display case is tucked between the vanity and the wall.

14. Preserve Basic Patterns

There are a number of patterns that are available in the market. But a jumble of hues and patterns can create a cramped, congested feeling in a tiny, enclosed area. This pattern of items such as bathroom pull cord handles gives the aesthetic impression. Even more, the new bathroom looks larger, so use simple, bright colours when painting or tiling.

Final Thoughts

To wrap up, make a design plan once you’ve determined the ideal spot for your small bathroom layout. No doubt, a sink, lighting, door stoppers, and a toilet are necessities in every bathroom. While searching, it can be challenging, but it is feasible to convert it into a complete bathroom.

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