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How do I download Intel HD Graphics 630 driver?

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Graphics 630 driver

How do I download Intel HD Graphics 630 driver?

Nobody enjoys playing PC games with poor graphic performance. As a result, when users face display and graphics challenges, they hunt for solutions. Fortunately, you’ve arrived to the correct location. Here’s how to update the UHD graphics 630 drivers for Windows.

What exactly is Intel HD Graphics 630?

Intel’s 7th generation integrated graphics card is the Intel HD 630 GPU. It is constructed utilizing 14nm+ technology and has minor architectural improvements over the prior iteration. It operates at a maximum frequency of 1,150 MHz and a base frequency of 300 MHz.

Furthermore, because it is an integrated GPU, it utilizes the same memory type as your RAM, and the maximum Video Memory (VRAM) may be set in the BIOS. It also supports 60Hz and has a DirectX 12 version. As a result, if the driver is missing or corrupt, you will encounter a number of challenges. The most effective approach to resolve this issue is to upgrade the Intel HD630 driver.

What exactly is a graphics driver?

A graphics or video driver is the software that allows the graphics card to communicate with the operating system, games, and applications. As a result, upgrading your Intel HD Graphics 630 driver is always recommended to avoid graphics-related difficulties, stuttering or glitchy video, and sluggish PC performance. This article will provide two simple methods for obtaining the most recent Intel HD Graphics 630 driver for your Windows PC.

Is Intel UHD Graphics 630 a good graphics card?

The Intel UHD graphics 630 is suitable for general computing, 4K video playback, and light gaming. If you want anything more, consider the Nvidia GeForce GT graphics card.

Two Excellent Ways to Update Intel HD Graphics 630 Driver

1. Intel HD Graphics 630 driver updates automatically (Recommended)

2. Updating the Intel HD Graphics 630 driver manually

Option 1: Update Intel HD Graphics 630 Driver Automatically

Advanced Driver Updater can update the HD graphic design computer driver for you automatically. The driver upgrading application will scan your computer for outdated drivers and provide the most recent updates. The programme also avoids the possibility of downloading & installing the wrong driver. It does not require any technical knowledge to operate; Advanced Driver Updater manages everything.

Advanced Driver Updater is available in both a fully free and a registered edition. The registered version needs only two clicks (and includes technical assistance and a 60-day money-back guarantee):

  • Click the Download Now button to get Advance Driver Updater:

Download Link

  • Install the utility by double-clicking the.exe file and following the on-screen prompts.
  • Launch Advanced Driver Updater and press the Start Scan Now button to scan your PC for faulty, obsolete, or corrupt drivers.
Graphics 630 driver
Graphics 630 driver
  • To update the driver, click the Update All button. If you sent to the purchase page, however, you will utilise the trial version. To update drivers for free, click the Update driver button next to the driver you want to update.
Graphics 630 driver
  • Please keep in mind that the trial version of the programme only allows you to update one driver at a time. If you are a registered user, you may click Update All to have the proper version of All missing and obsolete drives downloaded and installed immediately.

Option 2: Update the Graphics 630 Driver Manually

To add functionality and solve any knowns faults, Intel regularly upgrades drivers. To obtain the most recent device driver, go to Intel’s official website. Once there, look for the driver version number and download the most recent driver.

It should noted that the Intel HD Graphics 630 only works with Windows 10, a 64-bit operating system.

  • Navigate to the Intel Download Center.
  • In the search field, type HD 630 > pick Intel® HD Graphics 630 from the search recommendation.
Graphics 630 driver
  • To obtain the most recent driver update, go to the first search result.
  • Wait for the executable file to download before double-clicking to begin the driver installation and following the on-screen instructions.
  • To make the modifications take effect, restart the computer.
  • Now try playing games on your PC; you should not have any graphic troubles.

Conclusion – Intel HD Graphics 630 Driver

We hope you found the post useful and that you were able to upgrade UHD graphics 630 drivers without incident. Advanced Driver Updater is our recommendation. If you have any doubts, criticism, suggestions, comments, or questions, please post them in the comments section below.

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