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How Can You Choose The Best Bathroom Mirror For Your Home?

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How Can You Choose The Best Bathroom Mirror For Your Home?

One of the most ignored things in the house are the bathroom mirrors. Often these mirrors become old, worn-out and rusty and lose the appeal they once had. Just looking into these mirrors takes a toll on the mental peace. If your bathroom mirroris not in a good shape, it can ruin the look of entire bathroom. These days, you can find these mirrors with different features such as LED’s frames and cabinets. If you want to upgrade your bathroom mirror, don’t worry, here we have mentioned some of the tips that will help you chose the best bathroom mirrors.

Style of your bathroom: 

Your bathroom mirrorshould complement the space and it should also match with the interiors of the bathroom. You will find hundreds of designs for bathroom mirrors but not all mirrors will fit in your space. For example; if your bathroom is modern, you can choose a mirror with technical features such as LED frame or an abstract shape.

Size of the mirror:

Another essential thing to consider is the size of the bathroom mirror. It’s a major factor and is often ignored by people. A small bathroom with a huge mirror will look odd and so will a huge bathroom with a small mirror.  It should be such that it doesn’t take up all your wall space. If you want to save on the space, you can also go for mirrors with cabinets. These are basically cabinets with a mirror fitted to the front.  For small bathrooms, mirrors with cabinets are an apt choice.

Single mirror v/s wall of mirrors:

If you want to go for that wow factor, then having a full wall covered by a mirror can be a good option. You can install the wall mirrors in all the walls or just one wall, based on your requirements and desires. 

Modern and fun style: 

These days you can find bathroom mirrors with features like LED bulbs or you can also find demisting mirrors. You can choose either of the one or get one custom made that has other features as well. These features are modern and enhance the practicality and functionality of the mirror. You can also have mirrors with strip lights attached to the back as they light up the whole place. Dull bathrooms with low light look awful.

Frameless or frames:  

These days frameless mirrors are becoming popular among homeowners because these mirrors save a lot of space. These mirrors are sleek, stylish, and they go perfectly with modern bathrooms. If you have to buy a mirror but are running low on budget, then frameless mirrors are a good choice as they are cheap. If you have a traditional bathroom and large space, go with framed mirrors.  You can even buy antique mirrors that will draw the attention of anyone. However, such mirrors will not go well with small congested bathrooms.

Oblong mirrors:

Another style of Best Bathroom Mirror you can choose from is oblong mirrors. These mirrors give you more space on the walls. You can add some vanity, decorations or lighting to the mirror and it will enhance the whole look. These curved mirrors can make a big difference in your bathroom space.

Now you know the different styles of bathroom mirrors and understand which type will fit suit your bathroom. The most important thing to consider when choosing bathroom mirrors is the final aesthetics of your bathroom, whether or not the mirror will go well with the interiors.  If you still find it difficult to choose the right mirror, then you can take help from professional designers who will guide you in choosing the best mirror.

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