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How can I Built a Modern Stack Website in Simple Steps?

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Modern Stack Website

How can I Built a Modern Stack Website in Simple Steps?

 If you are a blogger or a start-up you must be looking for a great website option with a niche that is provided by Jamstack technology. The web is fast so your website must also be efficient enough to match the speed and market trend. The trends will keep on changing and those who change with the changing trends get successful, Jamstack Website allows re-built your website or start a new one with minimum effort but several benefits.

Gatsby WordPress for Jamstack Websites

 There are some efficient platforms providing services in providing Jamstack website templates and some. Provide build-in Gatsby WordPress templates and themes with modern stack designs best suiting the requirement of businesses and individuals. Gatsby and WordPress are the preferred platforms. That are used to make your digital presence remarkable and give a boost to your business. The right stack affects the performance of the software to a greater extent the coding technique will be based on the stack and the speed of development of the software will be affected.  Take an example of Jamstack websites that are faster and secure with their architecture more efficient and give greater results to all the stakeholders of the product.

Decoupled Approach for Website

The most trending static site generators are Gatsby – based on React, Gridsome based on Vue.JS hogo and there are few more available in the market. Purpose is to create static version of the HTML file making the user interface very fast and secure from hacking.  HTML is defining the structural presentation of the browser, CSS determines the styling of the web browser like the choice of color, font, and layout while JavaScript describes the nature of the web browser as to how the user interacts with it and how it will respond. The most popular front-end stack is React JS and Angular JS.

The headless holds the content, DB, and APIs for the website based on the Jamstack technology. Modern Stack Website is the scripting language, MySQL is the actual Database, Apache is the webserver. We mentioned above in the cloud hosting and Linux is the operating system of the server.  But might be hearing a lot about term ‘MEAN’ that stands for MongoDB, Express JS, Angular JS, and Node JS. Wherein it is a complete tech stack.

Benefits of Using Headless WordPress Themes

  • Better security
  • Performance
  • Reliability
  • Easy API Integration


With the passage of time, website development has revolutionized from one technology and architectural concept. To another, it has been the face of the business for marking its global existence. For a long WordPress, CMS has ruled the world with its all-in-one platform strategy. Non-developers and developers with several themes and plugins.

Headless WordPress Themes, on the other hand, is based on the concept of microservices. Wwhere the back-end and front-end have separated for the efficiency of the website. It is the build process where JavaScript, APIs, and Markup used. Jamstack website pages built a time ahead in the markup language that served as static HTML files. To build a website on Jamstack three technologies brought together i.e. Headless CMS like WordPress, Static Site Generator like Gatsby, and APIs like GraphQL.

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