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Home Renovation Only with the Strongest Plywood

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Strongest Plywood

Home Renovation Only with the Strongest Plywood

Do you want to renovate your house? Are you confused about what to choose to give a new look to your house?

There are multiple choices when it comes to home renovation. Apart from style, design and look, materials used for renovation becomes a major concern. You can find lots of materials in the market but the best one is plywood. Other materials like lumber or timber are getting outdated and not feasible when it comes to maintenance. However, there are a lot of options available in plywood for interior design.

Plywoods are the perfect substitute for wood and thus are high in demand. Home interiors divided into several parts and for each part the requirement of the plywood is different. Here we have narrowed down the types of plywood for you as per their usage. 

Diverse Plywood options for Your Interiors

There are eighteen types of plywood available in India. All of these categorized based on their application, process, and type of wood used to manufacture them. However, three primary plywoods are popular among all. These are namely: Boiling water resistant plywood (BWR), Boiling waterproof plywood (BWP), and moisture-resistant plywood (MR).

Here is the usage of different plywood for every part of your interior:

Moisture-Resistant Plywood

Moisture-resistant plywood also called commercial plywood commonly used for home interiors. This is because it provides resistance against moisture in humid and damp conditions. It has urea formaldehyde resin which makes it highly water resistant. Thus perfect for humid homes. It can tolerate water exposure at 60 degrees for three hours.

Boiling-Water-Resistant (BWR) Plywood

The Bathroom and kitchen area is different from the rest of the house because it is more prone to water and wear and tear. Thus ordinary plywood will not last long. BWR plywood mostly preferred when constructing bathroom and kitchen interiors. It is primarily because this type of plywood can resist boiling water for as long as eight hours. Moreover, it can also used for exteriors like balconies or patio regions. 

Marine Plywood

Marine plywood considered the best plywood in terms of durability and premium quality. It is popularly named as boiling waterproof plywood as it can tolerate boiling water exposure for up to 72 hours. Because of this property, these Strongest Plywood used in constructing boats or industries where water exposure is high. It is perfect for the bathroom and kitchen interiors.

Flexible Plywood

Flexible plywood are the ones that do not break when bent. This flexibility makes them perfect for using it to design unique furniture. They are employed to design furniture with arches. Most of the intricately designed furniture uses flexible Strongest Plywood.

Hard Plywood

Hard plywoods are more sturdy than soft plywood. Mahogany and red maple woods used to manufacture this plywood. These plywood are of premium material and thus are experienced compared to other soft plywood. They are one of the strongest plywood. Because of their properties, they are used in manufacturing transportation containers and on floors. You can renovate the floors of your home with this plywood.

Tropical Plywood

Tropical plywood is a combination of a diverse hardwood originating from tropical regions. They mainly found in and around Asia. From the price point of view, they are cheap and thus used in manufacturing the base of the flooring and furniture.

Aircraft Plywood

Aircraft plywood popularly addressed as airplane plywood categorized as birch plywood. Because of their properties, these used to manufacture aircraft during World War 2. They are durable and thus ensure superior quality.

Wrap up-

House renovation is not an easy task. A lot goes behind it from choosing the perfect furniture to style and the construction material for the same. Among all the materials plywood is the most preferred option. However, not all plywoods are good enough. If you are looking for premium quality plywood then you can visit CenturyPly which is the best plywood manufacturer in India.

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