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Guide To Extending Your Vehicle’s Life

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Extending Your Vehicle's Life

Guide To Extending Your Vehicle’s Life

We know how fascinating the process of buying a new car is, let alone the feeling of becoming the owner of one. Most of us go through intense planning and immense savings to buy a dream car. But it does not end there; ahead is a continuous process of taking proper care of it. It is therefore incredibly vital to know the essential tips and tricks of looking after your vehicle. With the appropriate steps, you will continue to see your car look as good as new. Residing in Dubai, if you ask some of the big Tyre dealers or any Top Batteries brands dealers, you will find the same answer: a lot goes into maintaining a car.

It is not only about opting for the ideal car batteries or automotive paints. It requires multiple aspects that need to be updated to keep the vehicle in the right shape.

Let’s look at a few steps you can follow that will aid in keeping your car looking brand new:

Keep Windshield Clean

A dirty windshield may produce a lot of trouble during driving and compromise the passengers’ safety. Try to clean in a way that there are no streaks left behind. Apart from the dirt particles, there could be insect carcasses, especially if you have been driving on a highway. Therefore, your car’s wipers wouldn’t do any good. It will make the surface even worse. When at the gas station, you can use a squeegee to clean the entire windshield with the help of cleaning fluid. You can also clean the headlights.

Check Tyre Pressure

When driving, safety should be your foremost priority. It is highly significant to have the proper tyre pressure to avoid any accidents. Whether your tyres are under-inflated or over-inflated, they can be dangerous. Therefore, make sure that they have the correct pressure so you can enjoy a smooth experience without any fear of accidents or blowoutsYou can go for Michelin Tyres or any other tyre dealers you know you can trust.

Since the temperature and the distance you travel vary, pressure is something that may fluctuate. Hence you should keep a close eye to avoid any last-minute discrepanciesIt is far better to catch these issues early on than further down the lane. They not only become complex but expensive too.

Tips For Checking Tyre Pressure

  • It does not necessarily take long if you are doing it right. Check it when the tyre is cold, i.e., before driving your car. And if by any chance you have been going around, give your tyres a rest (at least about four hours) before noting the pressure. And before all this, you should be well aware of the recommended tire pressure your car requires.
  • Never overdo it. Your tyre should have the same pressure that is recommended in your car’s manual. It is imperative to follow the proper levels. Instead of staying in doubt, it is best to check it with a tire pressure gauge.

Check Oil Level

Your car can give you outstanding performance for Extending Your Vehicle’s Life if you are providing it with the correct oil levels. For a vehicle, it is essential to provide sufficient lubrication to all its parts, especially the engine. Otherwise, resistance can significantly deter the overall efficiency. The heat moves away from the combustion cycle and prevents all the harmful byproducts by moving it towards the oil filter. Insufficient oil can increase the chances of your car breaking down. For maintaining engine quality, you should indeed consider Castrol oil Distributors in Dubai for durable outcomes.

Follow Scheduled Maintenance

We cannot emphasize the significance of following specific maintenance tasks that are needed less frequently but are mandatory. You need to check the maintenance schedule present in the manual present in your glove compartment. It is better not to listen to the random suggestion of the dealer or mechanic as they might ask you to come in more than the actual requirement. In the manual, you will find the maintenance schedule your vehicle needs, from an oil change to replacing tyres and other parts. Moreover, pursuing the proper guidelines results in the machine working for a long while providing efficient performance. It will help in protecting you from facing costly replacements and repairs

Things To Consider

Undoubtedly newer cars are coming with better technology, and the requirements for the mechanics to stay updated are also increasing. Nevertheless, there are things that one can still do on their own, such as:

  • It is essential to change the car’s oil regularly to keep it running smoothly.

  • When it comes to the front and rear tyres, they don’t wear in a similar way. If you rotate them regularly, they wear off equally, enabling you to have a safer driving experience. Interestingly, it also helps extend their lifespan giving you the freedom to not go for costly repairs.

  • Change the air filters daily to enhance fuel-efficiency, minimize emissions and Extending Your Vehicle’s Life.

There is More Than Meets The Eye

Besides using the most refined Castor Engine Oil or Michelin Tyresit is equally significant to keep the vehicle clean.

Wash It Almost Daily

Our cars are usually standing in the scorching sun all day, or other times the harsh weather leaves them all dirty. These factors play a primary role in damaging the car’s external surface, further corroding the metal. Washing it can reduce a lot of issues and provide it with long-lasting shine. And prevention from any corrosion. However, your location matters too. If pollution is not that much of a problem, then washing it once a month will do. Otherwise, you can consider doing it twice or thrice a month.  

Avoid Trashing

While maintaining cleanliness should be our foremost priority, we often do otherwise. Usually, we tend to use the insides of our car as a trash can. Yet, it is never too late to start keeping your car neat and clean and stop treating it like a dump. It will not only smell nice in there, but anyone sitting in your car will love to have the experience again.

Why Car Detailing Matters?

If you want to preserve your car’s original beauty, then you should know and understand the significance of car detailing. From subtle details to the prominent aspects that outshines a vehicle, you can lose it all if you are not taking proper care. 

Routinely detailing a car can bring a drastic improvement in its overall outlook and performance.

A car is a humungous investment, and you should work hard and spend ample time to keep it looking great. The core purpose is to maintain the originality of the vehicle. Therefore, work towards vacuuming the interiors and cleaning the plastic materials with special products to eliminate the odors. You can apply protectants to maintain the quality of any leather surface.

Why Choosing The Right Tyre Can Change The Speed Game?

A large part of a vehicle’s performance depends on the choice of your tyres. The one with the right rim size, sidewall height, tread width, and tread pattern can improve the way your drive on the road. A good set can enhance braking and acceleration even on a bumpy road. And you can achieve all this by accessing the right car dealer. You can check the Michelin tyres offers to get the best deal for your vehicle.

Why Engine Oil Matters For Your Car?

Castrol oil Distributors in Dubai could be your best bet for exceptional car performance. The right oil prevents the engine from wearing out quickly. It protects the engine from dust build-up and even helps against oxidation. Apart from providing greater fuel efficiency, it avoids putting too much strain on your machine. 


With the correct knowledge and implementation of steps, you can undoubtedly Extending Your Vehicle’s Life. While engines, in fact, vehicles as a whole, are becoming powerful than ever, it is also integral to become a bit extra efficient in taking care of them. With consistency and utilization of the right products, following the correct specifications and car products can significantly help your vehicle in the longer run.

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