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Get Heat Resistant Plywood that Saves Your Life!

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Resistant Plywood

Get Heat Resistant Plywood that Saves Your Life!


Plywoods are the basic need of all furniture these days because of their durability, versatility and affordable price. There is a variety of plywood available in the market, which claims to be better than others. It depends on the consumer to make an informed decision while choosing plywood for his home. The ultimate purpose of building a house is to provide a safe living environment for the residents.

However, among the variety of other features, heat resistance and fireproofing quality should be the top priority when choosing plywood. Thus, CenturyPly has created a revolutionary plywood infused with Firewall technology that provides extreme resistance against heat and fire.

This blog will talk about how fire resistant plywood can save your family and property from fire hazards.

What is a CenturyPly Firewall Technology ?

CenturyPly is a popular brand of plywood in the country. It ensures the creation of revolutionary products to ease the lives of its customers. Firewall technology is one among such innovations which ensure that the plywood manufactured using this technology can save lives from fire outbreaks. The plywood created with firewall technology is heat resistant plywood and has low flammability, which reduces the chances of it catching fire instantly. Besides, it also has a self-extinguishing property which ensures that the fire stops itself when the source is removed.

This plywood can prove best in an area prone to fire accidents, such as kitchens, garages, workshops, laundry areas, hospitals, food stalls, ships, auditoriums etc.

Reasons how CenturyPly Firewall ensure your safety

  • Nano-engineered particles-

Plywood infused with firewall technology is treated with specifically formulated nano-engineered particles that can resist flame penetration or ignition. Thus enhancing its fire resistance property. Thus, ensuring less damage to life and property.

  • Less or no smoke emission-

Most plywood, when caught fire, produces a lot of smoke and toxic gasses, which are harmful to our respiratory system. But plywood infused with firewall technology is treated with a fire retardant chemical that ensures that less smoke and toxic gasses are released. Thus reducing the chances of suffocation and poisoning.

  • Slower ignition rate-

Plywood infused with firewall technology takes 50 minutes to catch fire, or ignition penetrates inside the 19mm sheet of plywood. Thus reducing the rate of burning. This gives enough time for people to rescue residents, important stuff and valuable documents in case of fire accidents.

  • Moisture resistant-

Plywood infused with firewall technology made up of non-hygroscopic material, which allows it to absorb less moisture from the surroundings, thus preventing the corrosion of the hardware elements attached to it.

  • Warranty-

Plywood infused with firewall technology by CenturyPly  comes with a 21-year warranty against borer and termite damage making it the best choice.

  • Retain structural integrity-

The adhesive and the nano-engineered particles used in the manufacturing of the plywood infused with firewall technology ensure that the structural integrity of the plywood sheets maintained even when exposed to fire.

  • No Delamination-

Despite exposing the plywood to water and fire, the Firewall technology equipped plywood does not damaged. It does not absorb water or moisture from the surroundings and thus prevents delamination of the furniture. Even if fire outbreaks happen, the furniture made up of plywood infused with firewall technology will remain safe.

Wrap up

The bottom line is that installing fireproof plywood in your house can help you remain stress-free as it will ensure less damage to life and property. Plywood infused with firewall technology by CenturyPly is the best and most certified plywood among all others available in the market.

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