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Fiction Book having a good book design is not just enough for establishing the author’s brand, in order to have a robust brand as well as a good paperback or hardcover book, one of the key things that a publishing company or a self-published author has to keep in mind is a book cover.

A book cover is one of the most important elements in a book.

It is the first point of contact between the readers and the book.

We often find that a book cover largely contributes to the sale of a book and that is why we must take special attention in order to design a book cover.

Be it a limited sales book of fiction or a commercial fiction book, one of the first things that draw attention is the book cover.

In this blog, we are going to find out how to design a fiction book cover.



In order to go through with a book cover design, you must always start with Idea generation.

In order to generate an idea, you must find the right inspiration and then after you are found the perfect inspiration you must then visualise how to implement this into your book cover design.

Research is the most important word here because no matter which kind of book cover you are planning to design you must always do detailed research.

This research must be about the market as well as the genre itself.  When we are talking about the genre we are talking about fiction here.

There are excellent examples in fiction and some of the best book series in the world are from fiction.

That is why you will get excellent examples to study and understand how to go through with a book cover design.  

Here are things to keep in mind.

  • One of the most important things you must keep in mind is the theme.  You must maintain a universal theme that matches the type of fiction you are writing.  If you are writing about a detective story then you must have elements of mystery etc.
  • The second most important thing you must keep in your idea is font selection.  Fonts play an important role and you must make sure that the fonts are legible. That they match the theme of the book.
  • The third thing you must keep in mind is the kind of images that you are putting in the book cover design.  You can choose from stock images, you can choose illustrations from an illustrator or even use your own original photography.


This is something we highly recommend as you must always leave the professionals to do what they do best.

Similarly in this case you must not try to wing the thing yourself and try hiring the best professional you can which in this case will be the book cover designer.

While trying to hire a designer you must never hurry things up at this time as that can delay your book launch as well as cost you extra money.

The first step to finding the perfect book cover designer is to check out designers from hiring websites.

You must not only choose the designer with the best design but you must make sure to always check out the kind of work and projects they did in the past.

Taking a look at their existing work will help you form a good understanding of the capabilities of the designer.

While checking out their work you must also make sure that they are experienced in designing book covers for fiction. 

While we might think that a book cover designer can design books from every genre but that is not the case.

Specific designers are apt in designing for a specific genre.

 After having found your designer of choice you must always make sure to not skip this step.

Find out their prior clients and speak to them. If their previous clients give you a good impression about the designer, then and only then hire this person.


After you have hired the perfect person for that job, now is the time to present your brief to the designer.

But wait! What is a brief?

A brief is basically a summary that sums up the whole project to the designer.  This brief should contain quite a number of important information.

  • This information should start with the title as well as a summary of the whole book.
  • This should be followed by the type of book you are writing i.e., the genre, as well as the type of audience you’re expecting this book to be a seller with i.e., the target audience.
  • After this, you should specify the types of formats this book will be published in. Paperback, hardcover, e-book, audiobook etc.

After having specified all this, you must then provide them with all the materials of inspiration.  After doing this you must then discuss with them the deadline.


After having provided all that information in the brief,  you are now ready to receive template concepts from the designer.

 These are temporary concepts that the designer will create in order to finalize. What kind of a design they will go ahead with.

After that has been finalized, you simply have to give the time to the designer to go on with their work.

This will be the most crucial time and you must allow them to work alone and concentrate on the design.

 This will allow them to reach the pre-finalisation stage of the process.

The designer will present to you what they think is the final design and then this is the moment. Where you must give your final thoughts and your final changes and ideas.

There is no coming back from this process and you must make sure to give the proper inputs.

You do not have to worry about doing this quickly and you can take as much time as you want.

After you have given them the changes to make, they will present a design. This might go on two or three times back and forth.

Finally, you will arrive at the final design.

This was the fiction book cover design guide by us at Orange Publishers.  If you are a self-published author then you will find this information quite helpful.  However, all these different steps may seem like too much to you. 

If that is the case then we are here to help you.  We are Orange Publishers,  India’s most reputable and fastest-growing self-publishing book house and we will help you throughout the publishing process.  From proofreading to book cover designing as well as copyrighting we do everything. We can have professional teams of marketing material designers who will help create material for marketing the book. We guarantee you the most seamless publishing experience. Come and give us a visit.

META –  This fiction book cover design guide by Orange Publishers contains a few simple steps that you need to follow in order to hire a book cover designer as well as help them throughout the process of designing the perfect book cover.

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