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Essential Apps That Your Mobile Must Have in 2021

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Essential Apps

Essential apps that your mobile must have 

With the increase in the speed of technology in this generation, certain gadgets have become a necessity in our daily lives. Gadgets like smartphones have become an integral part of everyone’s life so that it becomes easier for everyday tasks and performance. We look out for smartphones that can provide us convenience, mobility, multiple features, and entertainment. 

A smartphone that easily fits into our pockets and has unique features, speed, and effectiveness. With the change in technology and time, people have started to expect a lot more from the advancement of this growing technology. And since the demands keep on increasing every day, several companies introduce different applications that are important for a smartphone to have. Some applications are in-built and told to the smartphone manufacturing companies to put it in the phone beforehand. But some apps can be extremely useful and should be downloaded on your phones as well. 

Here is a list of some of the Essential apps that can help constructively and be useful for your everyday tasks. 


Photo editing apps are the most useful apps, not only for photographers. But also for people who just casually want to edit pictures and add filters. You will find a lot of picture editing apps but nothing beats Snapseed. This app gives access to almost all the image-tweaking tools that are needed to edit a picture professionally. Snapseed helps you in adjusting the colors of your picture, removing different unwanted objects, and so much more.

You can do all the professional work of adding the effects on your picture on every level or just add on some filters with a snap. Despite the excellent and large number of features this app has to offer, Snapseed is a very easy app to use. Once the editing of the pictures done, you can easily save the picture in your gallery or export the results! Originally, Snapseed was an independent app, but now developed under Google and is available on Google Play Store. 

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Google Podcasts 

Google has recently entered a new foray of podcasts and makes a good balance between simplicity and functionality. You can play all your favorite shows as well as sync in your listening across all the other devices like the Google Home assistant speakers. You can easily discover a new podcast without any trouble as the interface of this app is very clean. The application available for free on Google Play Store and should downloaded right away! 


Probably the best app that one can download on their phone. Evernote allows you to note down memos, random thoughts, schedules, or anything. That you feel like jotting down and is important. The app launched for more than a decade but despite that, it has managed to stay updated and a fresh app. One of the best features of this app is that Evernote allows you to make notebooks. Where you can segregate all your documents and label them according to your convenience. Through custom tags so that you can easily search and access them anytime. It can also synced across different devices at the same time. 

These features come with the free version of Evernote! If you buy the premium version of this app, you will allowed to link. This app with third-party apps as well. Isn’t this cool? So go ahead and download this app right away to make your work organized and easier! 

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Find my device 

This is the most useful and important app that you should have on your phone. You can find and erase data from your phone through this app! If there is someone who has lost the phone, you can help them locate their phone. Through this app and help them to erase the data from their phone. Similarly, you can do this for your phone too. If you have forgotten your screen lock pattern or password, this too can unlocked through this app! 

Google Find My Device is available on Google Play Store for free. Download this application now and keep your phone secure. 


Smartphones can optimally used if you have the right apps download in them. There are a large number of apps that are available on the Play Store as well as the App Store. But you need to check which one will be worth the space of your phone. Therefore, look for the right applications and download them. So that you can constructively use all of them and make use of your phone wisely. 

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