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Employer Nomination Scheme Subclass 186 Visa – Know Its Benefits Here

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186 Visa

Employer Nomination Scheme Subclass 186 Visa – Know Its Benefits Here

An Australian employer who faces a skilled worker shortage within the boundaries of Australia now wants to sponsor some workers from overseas to fulfil the position. Australian firms can nominate highly talented professionals to live and work there under the Employer Nomination Scheme subclass 186, a permanent visa. A skilled job in Australia must be offered and accepted for this visa. To be able to fill that post, you must also have all the necessary credentials and professional experience.

Benefits of Employer Nomination Scheme Subclass 186 Visa

A visa subclass 186 is for skilled and qualified persons from abroad sponsored by an Australian business to fill a position for which they can’t find someone in Australia. A 186 visa holder may have-

  • The right to live permanently in Australia
  • The ability to enter Australia and work or study
  • Having access to Australia’s comprehensive health care system, Medicare
  • The capability of securing permanent residence for relatives (if he meets the eligibility requirements)
  • Travel inside and outside the nation without restriction for five years following the day the visa was issued

Here is a list of the main advantages

the Employer Nomination Scheme subclass 186 visa Australia that make it appealing to both companies and employees:

  1. There are no geographic restrictions on ENS visa applications. When the nominating company has various sites throughout Australia, this is useful.
  2. Because there are no sponsoring requirements for businesses after receiving a grant, employers can be more flexible with the terms and conditions they set with their nominees.
  3. The fact that this visa is perpetual is a vital selling point for bringing in talented professionals. Permanent residents have access to domestic education expenses, which are considerably less expensive than those for temporary residents. Holders of ENS visas can also sponsor family members to immigrate to Australia and have access to Medicare.
  4. To encourage workers to stay with the same company, nominees applying under the Temporary Residence Transition stream must hold a TSS visa while working for their nominated employer for at least three years.
  5. In contrast to the annual price charged for temporary visas, the Skilling Australia Fund Levy (SAF Levy) is due in a single lump sum. If the company’s annual turnover is below $10 million, but greater than $10 million, the SAF levy for the ENS programme is $3,000 and $5,000, respectively.

General Eligibility for 186 Visas in Australia

The eligibility standards of an employer-sponsored visa 186 vary according to various streams of this visa. However, the preliminary requisites for all streams can affect 186 visa processing time. To meet these requirements, you must:

  • If required by the province, hold a licence, be registered, or be a member of a professional organisation.
  • Be at least 45 unless otherwise stated in the employment contract.
  • Have a nomination by an Australian employer with legitimate operations in Australia.
  • Be in good physical condition.
  • Unless exempt, applicants must meet the language requirements.
  • Meet the character standards by doing police verification
  • Meet the criteria for the stream for which applicants are applying.
  • If necessary, submit a qualified assessment.

For the streams of visa subclass 186, the eligibility criteria are as under:

Direct Entry Stream

  • This programme mandates skilled assessment.
  • The applicant must achieve a language level in each module comparable to an IELTS 6 band.
  • A secondary applicant who is older than 18 years old must achieve the language criterion of an overall IELTS score of 4.5 or higher.

Temporary Residence Transition Stream

  • Under this plan, a skilled assessment is optional.
  • The applicant must achieve language proficiency in all modules minimum of the IELTS 5 band.
  • A secondary applicant older than 18 must meet the IELTS 4.5 band requirement for English language proficiency or an equivalent standard.

Labour Agreement Stream

If the applicant is nominated by an Australian employer who is a party to the Labor agreement, they may apply under this programme. Any occupation on the skilled occupations list is the employer’s choice for the applicant. There is no additional eligibility requirement under this stream.

You must be careful while applying for a 186 visa and know about it. You can also take advice from a migration agent in Australia.

End Note

Employer nomination scheme visa 186 is a pathway to Adelaide migration if you possess the required skills. The 186 visas are for Australian employers looking to hire highly skilled foreign workers or temporary workers in Australia to fill in open positions in their organisations permanently.

Subclass 186 visa has privileges that businesses and foreign workers may benefit from it. It is crucial to help employers/foreign workers attract and retain competent personnel, given the labour market state. It allows the holders to live in Australia, work in any geographical area, and take its medicare schemes. 

But to avail of these benefits, you must comply with the 186 visa Australia eligibility requirements and follow all the legislation of the Australian government.

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