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Effective Techniques To Boost WiFi Speed Of Rockspace AC750 Extender

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Rockspace ac750 extender

Effective Techniques To Boost WiFi Speed Of Rockspace AC750 Extender

The home wifi network is very important nowadays. Because of the coronavirus disease, lockdown is spread all over the world. In such a situation, the home network needs all the people. The rockspace wifi range extender is a solution. This extender is a 750 Mbps wireless wifi range extender. It provides amazing wireless network coverage on the whole. Primarily, the rockspace ac750 extender is equipped with the latest technology 802.11ac. Using this technology offers mind-blowing speed throughout the home. This extender delivers 360° full network coverage. It is equipped with two external powerful antennas that improve the wireless coverage. It utilizes MU-MIMO technology and transfers data to various network devices at a time. That means you can connect many network devices to the rockspace wifi range extender.

The ac750 wi-fi range extender supports up to 300 Mbps of 2.4 GHz and 433 for 5 GHz. This means it allows you to stream, and lag free gaming, web surfing, and much online work. The rock space ac750 wifi extender setup is hassle-free via the WPS button. It quickly expands the wireless coverage by pressing the WPS button.

Effective techniques for boost rockspace ac750 extender wifi speed

The rockspace ac750 delivers reliable data transmission data rates up to 750 Mbps. If you want to boost or increase the wifi range of the rockspace ac750 dual-band range extender then you should know its effective techniques.

Utilize dual-band data technology

To boost the rockspace ac750 extender wifi range you can utilize dual-band data technology. This technology allows 2 frequencies. The ac750 wi-fi range extender has built-in dual-band technology. The dual-band frequency allows different speeds and coverage. The 5 GHz frequency allows the wireless wifi speed up to 433 megabits per second and the 2.4 GHz allows up to 300 megabits per second. If you want to enable the 5 GHz band then you navigate the wireless setting and then select the frequency radio option. Afterward, quickly enable the 5 GHz band. Now, you can fast-file transfer and lag-free video streams.

With powerful dual-band external antennas

The rockspace ac750 range extender comes with dual-band antennas. This antenna is situated on the top side of the range extender. If you can get stable and increase wifi speed then you can install the antennas. The rockspace ac750 extender antennas are very helpful to eliminate the wifi dead zone area. Some other extender does have external antennas, then it is not managing the speed. External antennas are very helpful as compared to internal antennas. The ac750 wi-fi range extender delivers superior wireless network coverage. The wireless network coverage of the ranger extender is 1292 square feet.

Setup the rockspace ac750 extender

The setup of the rockspace wireless dual-band range extender is simple and quick. For the ac750 extender setup, you can utilize a WPS button. Every extender comes with the WPS button. The WPS button is beneficial to connect the ranger extender with the existing router. It takes only 8 seconds to set up the range extender. The extender WPS button is established on the front side of the ac750. You should verify the router’s WPS button. Then, firstly press the ac750 extender’s WPS button and then immediately press the router’s WPS button. After that, the rockspace extender LED signal flashes and you can wait until the flashes light stops.

Update the firmware of rockspace ac750 extender

The effective technique to increase the range of rockspace extenders is to update the firmware. The firmware upgrade is most important. If you can utilize old firmware then it does not deliver a stable range. If you can stream the videos then it shows interrupted and weak signals. To avoid such a problem you should update the firmware.

The firmware update process is very simple. For this, you should require a web browser. Then, you can open the latest technology web browser on your rockspace connected computer. The latest technology browser means your browser update. Then utilize a search bar of the browser and fill http //re.rockspace.local, press the enter button. In a while the login page is pop-up. You can use the login details and then input them in their fields. Afterward, log in to the account.

Now, navigate the administrative setting and select the firmware upgrade option in the following option. And then check if the firmware file downloaded. If it not downloaded then you can download it. Then this file uploads to the browse column. In the end, click “upgrade” to update the firmware.

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