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Easy to Make a Yahoo Email Account  | Create a new Yahoo Email Account

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Create new Yahoo Email Account

Easy to Make a Yahoo Email Account  | Create a new Yahoo Email Account

How to Create a new Yahoo Mail Account Step by Step

A logical, faster, secure, and more direct way to communicate is email. From managing a business to logging in for personal purposes, emails are used in various aspects. Whether it is a personal account or a professional email address, or both, everyone owns an email account using different emailing clients. One such famous email service provider is Yahoo!

Do you have a Yahoo! mail account? If you are here to know how to create a new Yahoo account in the simplest way, stick to the end of this article.

What is Yahoo!

One of the three leading email service providers across the world, Yahoo stands out as the best email after Gmail and Outlook. It was launched in 1997 as one of the foremost email service providers for people to connect with colleagues, communicate, chat, share attachments, and perform all the emailing activities that are known today. In its initial stages, yahoo mails used to be known as rocketmail.com.

Yahoo! offers 1TbB of storage space. Moreover, Yahoo emails users can choose how to use and optimize their email accounts. For instance, some other emails, like att.net, can also be accessed using the Yahoo mail login page.

Why should you have a Yahoo email account?

The automatic feature of Yahoo! SpamGuard is used to mark all suspicious emails as spam, which keeps junk emails away from your feed. Additionally, rich emails can be sent using the classic and dynamic mail version HTML. Here are some other benefits that Yahoo mail users get.

  • 1TB of storage capacity.
  • Yahoo Go mail mobile application is also available. You can use it for “Create new Yahoo Email Account”.
  • Encrypted emails.
  • Provision of mail view, message flags, filters, mail search, etc.
  • Accessible from all devices.
  • Feature of sending automated holiday replies.
  • Compose rich emails using the WYSIWYG HTML message editor.
  • Supports large attachments.

Steps to Create new Yahoo Email Account using a web browser

  1. Visit the Yahoo mail sign-up page or directly move to the official yahoo website and click on the sign-up option- https://login.yahoo.com/account/create
  2. Enter your details carefully
  3. First and the last name
  4. A mobile number
  5. Sex
  6. Date of Birth
  7. A new yahoo email address with the @yahoo.com domain.
  8. After entering a new email address for your account, provide a strong password.
  9. Click on the “Continue” button to get a verification code on your mobile number.
  10. Check the text message and input that code in the respective field.
  11. Click on the “Continue” button again.
  12. Done!
  13. Now you can check your Yahoo mailbox on the home page.

Steps to create a new Yahoo mail address using a mobile application

Before you process with Yahoo mail sign up on the mobile application, make sure it is installed on your phone. You can download it from Google Play Store (for android phones) or the Apps Store (for iOS/ iPhones). Now follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Launch the app, a page will open up with “Sign-in with Yahoo!”
  2. Select the “sign-up” button and follow the on-screen directions.
  3. Provide your details- first and the last name, unique username/ email address, date of birth, sex, a strong email account password, and the phone number for verification.
  4. Click on the continue button to receive a one-time password (OTP) to verify it is a genuine number.
  5. Enter the verification (OTP) and press “continue”.
  6. Once your details are verified, a message will appear on your screen for confirmation.
  7. Can you see your account creation is successful on your screen? Done!
  8. You can now access your new Yahoo mail account for multiple purposes.

Are you unable to Create new Yahoo Email Account?

These are some tips that you should follow to create a new Yahoo mail account.

  1. Create a strong account password using symbols and numbers. We recommend you never use your phone number, date of birth, or any other personalized data for a password.
  2. Use a unique password that you have not used ever before.
  3. Connect your phone or the computer to a strong internet connection.
  4. Use an updated web browser.
  5. Update your phone and restart it. Now, try to sign-up on Yahoo mail.
  6. If you are creating a business email account or an email for your brand/company, use the username consisting of your brand/company name.
  7. Don’t create a less professional email address for academic or professional uses.
  8. Visit Email Crunch to know Yahoo mail login.

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