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Designing and Producing a Marketing Brochure

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Marketing Brochure

Designing and Producing a Marketing Brochure

Creating a brochure for your business need not be a complicated process.  Considering that there are online printing companies in Dubai who can help with the process and make it as seamless as possible, many more people are choosing to market their business with print ads.  Here are some tips for designing and printing your brochure. Decide why you need a brochure in the first place. Having a clear message or goal will make producing the material blissfully easy.

Usually the first thing you will do is visualize what it will look like. How big? The colors? Where will you put your logo? Colors and the size of the brochure should be among the last things that you consider.

If you want to create truly effective brochure and marketing material, follow these six easy steps

1. Define why you are creating a brochure

Why should your customer choose you to do business with? What is their issue? What possible actions do you desire the reader to take? You need to have a distinct purpose for your brochure. Focus the content on answering the key questions your customers will have.

2. Define your audience

You need to have a clear picture of who your audience will be. Segment the market to make sense of the different types of clients – try to picture the type of person you are writing for. Identify what they need to know. Understand what else they are reading. That is, review samples of competitor communications for style and content.

3. How will your customers use your Marketing Brochure?

Is your brochure to introduce a new service? It to provide technical data. Is it to generate sales? Always remember to focus on the action you want readers to take. The content and design should support that objective.

4. What is your message?

Make sure the text (also called the ‘copy’) of your Marketing Brochure uses well-worded sentences, which are easy to read. Avoid using clichés like: “Latest equipment”; “Highly trained staff”; “xx Years of experience”. Focus on the benefits you can provide. And make sure you use an attention-grabbing headline. Headlines can make or break any printed material.

5. Which format?

The size of the brochure must be sufficient to communicate your message. It wholly depends on the size of your business. Common sizes are A4; A5 (half of A4); DL (common business letter size); or as a stand-alone insert, sometimes with multiple pages.

These page sizes can be folded to create multiple panels, such as folding an A4 page using a tri-fold to create a DL sized finished item.

6. What will it look like?

Now you can consider the paper stock, colors, fonts, images, graphic design, and the use of ‘white space’ to make the brochure easy to scan and understand. Never use more than 3 different font styles, and keep the size at point 10 or above.

Remember – The ultimate outcome of your brochure is to get people to take the action you desire. Your Marketing Brochure in the end is to help promote your business or sell your products to your customers, make sure it does just that.


It is always a good idea to have a picture of who your customers are.  Use this information to produce content for your brochure. Decide whether or not the marketing media is intended to provide your customer with information or promote current sales and promotions. Be clear and concise in the “copy” of your brochure.  Ensure that anyone reading it knows what you are offering.

The ultimate goal in producing and distributing brochures and other marketing media like business card printing Dubai is to increase your company’s exposure and get more business. Keep these points in mind when generating your own.

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