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Customizing Your Android Device: Tips and Tricks for Personalizing Your User Experience 

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Customizing Your Android Device: Tips and Tricks for Personalizing Your User Experience 

Did you know you can now have a seamless and delightful mobile user experience like never before? After all, what fun is there in using your Android device without tweaking your settings? Especially with the advancements in science and technology ushering in various exciting and advanced features, you cannot simply sit and use their devices in the same old way! 

Much as escape rooms have evolved to offer more immersive and wholesome gaming experiences, similarly, android devices have developed to provide personalized experiences! Once you start gliding through the exciting new features and options on your Android device, you will be wonderstruck as you see how you can personalize your gadget.  

 In this article, we have compiled some top tips and tricks you can use to personalize your user experience on your Android device. So, check it out:  

Try replacing your home screen with a new launcher! 

One of the first few ways you can try to customize your Android device is by using a new launcher. You need not continue using the same old home screen design and launcher coming with your mobile phone. Instead, you can make it better by installing a brand-new launcher in its place! 

It is now easy to download and install a third-party Android launcher on your device. With the help of a suitable launcher, you can clean up your existing user interface and customize your entire home screen! Some launchers may also provide you with exciting additional features like resizing your app icons, setting up personalized gesture controls, and more.  

Adding your favorite widgets on your home screen.  

Putting up new app widgets on your home screen can be an exciting way to personalize your Android device. They can help you make your mobile phone look beautiful, clean, and well-organized instead of the usual cluttered look. Widgets usually vary in design and style.   

Depending on the kind of launcher or theme your gadget is using, you can find a particular set of widgets available at your disposal. Using widgets can make your mobile user experience far more efficient and smoother. Now, you no longer need to open respective applications to check a particular bit of information. The widget can offer you the glance you may be looking for!  

Install a new keyboard for your handset.  

Android devices offering stock Android run with GBoard as the default keyboard option of the handset. On the contrary, android devices provide only a custom Android version running on their manufacturer’s keyboard as the default variant.  

For users who wish to enhance their overall mobile user experience, installing a different keyboard on their device can be a way to go. Nowadays, you can come across many kinds of keyboards on the Google Play Store. From GIF keyboards to many other special keyboards, you can find a wide range of options to choose from and make your choice. 

Try turning on the dark mode on your device.  

Google brought in the dark mode when it launched the Android 10 OS in the markets in September 2019. The dark theme is glare-free and comes with a range of benefits. Of course, the best benefit is how it offers your Android device a brand-new look! 

Turning on the dark mode on your mobile phone is a pretty simple process. All you need to do is go to your settings app and switch on the “Dark Mode” option present there. You can also switch it off from here at your convenience. Your Android device further allows you to set up timings for the feature to turn on or off based on your needs. In this way, you can set up a round-the-day schedule for your device to switch on or off the dark mode!  

Download some high-quality wallpapers for your lock and home screens.  

The usual wallpapers your Android device comes with may seem too mundane to use. Further, you can find almost every other person around you flashing the same dingy wallpapers on their Android devices too! So, why don’t you try something new as your wallpaper?  

Simply putting on a new and flashy wallpaper on your home screens and lock screen can spice up your entire mobile user experience! You can download a wallpaper app and choose a wallpaper that suits your personality. You may even try downloading high-definition pictures from the web to set up your home and lock screen wallpapers.  

Pop in a new pack of icons for your mobile phone!  

Did you know it is now possible to use a different pack of icons for your Android device other than the default version? It usually comes as a customization feature under different launchers. So, start by looking for a suitable third-party launcher on your Google Play Store.  

Once you select and install a suitable launcher on your device, you can shuffle through new icon packs and choose one for your gadget! When you select a suitable icon pack, you will notice how all your applications will match a particular theme or style. In this way, your Android device will now offer a magnificent aesthetic appeal to your eyes.  

Set up your default applications.  

You may have often faced situations when someone has sent you an attachment via email or on WhatsApp. When you try opening it, a pop-up appears. The pop-up window usually asks you to select a suitable application to open the file.  

Often it may feel irksome to have to select these options each time you wish to open something. So, to erode such issues, you can set up default applications for your Android devices. Open each kind of link, file, and other things. You can also get rid of old applications that no longer work for you. 

Now with these useful tips up your sleeves, you are ready to customize. Your Android device as per your desires and offer yourself an experience like never before! So, why don’t you try some of these tactics out on your device and experience the change?  

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