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Choose the Right Shower Screen for your Bathroom

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Choose the Right Shower Screen for your Bathroom

Perhaps the smallest room in a house is the bathroom. It requires every bit of planning as the rest of it. Comfort and durability play major factors while choosing products for the bathroom and one of the most pivotal pieces in this puzzle are shower screen. Shower screens are the perfect mix of practicality and sophistication and a great fix for wet floors. They’re also much more elegant and easier to clean than shower curtains, making them an obvious choice to spruce up any bathroom. There are, of course, a multitude of options to choose from and things to consider before finalizing the right fit.

Things to Know Before Buying the Shower Screen for Your Bathroom

The list below contains everything you need to keep in mind while choosing shower screens for your bathroom:

A minimum thickness of 5mm, partly framed ones a minimum of 6 mm and frameless ones 10 mm.

Types of Shower Screens:

#1. Clear Glass

  • Allows plenty of light and gives the illusion of a bigger space.
  • It has a greenish or bluish tint.
  • The look is enhanced when the glass is not framed. 

#2. Frosted

  • The translucent finish which lets light in while also providing privacy.
  • Available in varying degrees of translucency.
  • More expensive than non-frosted glass. 

#3. Low-Iron

  • Gets rid of the green/blue tint found in an ordinary clear glass.
  • Good choice for frameless screens. 

#4. Textured

  • Available in a variety of patterns which are etched into the surface.
  • Perfect for creating a stylish look.
  • Translucency provides both light and privacy. 

#5. Coloured

Provides a unique, bold look and funky look to the bathroom.

Not ideal for smaller spaces since dark colours can make the space look smaller.

More expensive than clear glass. 

Opening Style:

#1. Swing

  • Low maintenance
  • More space is necessary for opening

#2. Sliding

  • Ideal for small spaces
  • Additional hardware materials are necessary for installation, which can increase the cost.
  • High maintenance since sliding track stores dirt and water

#3. Fixed

  • The glass is fixed, and there’s an opening on one side of the enclosure.
  • Space and cost-effective is a main factor for this glass.
  • Low maintenance is required.
  • Water can easily escape. 

#4. Folding

  • Screen doors can be folded, which saves space and are convenient for a smaller bathroom.
  • The inward opening can pose slight difficulty while getting out of the shower. 


Space is a major factor to consider while choosing a perfect shower screen. Shower screens take space, and depending upon how big or small your bathroom is; you can decide which type of glass and opening style to choose. For example, swing doors can be installed in big bathrooms but aren’t ideal for smaller ones, and textured glass, though great for privacy, can make an already dark bathroom space look darker. 

Budget of Shower Screen

Fixing a budget before shopping is essential because it allows you to streamline your choices. Usually, shower screens range within $200 – $1000 based on factors like type, size, and materials used. Framed showers can cost more due to extra charges for the frames. Similarly, sliding showers that require additional materials such as a sliding track also cost more, and full height shower screens are pricier than half height ones. Make sure to also factor in installation costs while fixing a budget.

The multitude of available options may make the prospect of choosing the correct shower screen overwhelming, but with a bit of planning and research, it can be an easy hurdle to overcome. It’s also important to learn about the types of glasses and their breakability while looking for shower screens. Toughened glass is the most popular option due to its strength and ability to break in chunks instead of hazardous jagged pieces. Top quality materials may scrounge up the cost, but it’s worth spending a few extra bucks for the durability in the long run.

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