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Causes of Construction Disputes in 2022

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Construction Disputes

Causes of Construction Disputes in 2022

Construction disputes are more common these days. A little carelessness gives rise to some kind of dispute. A lot of parties are involved in completing the building contract. Conflicts occur with the involvement of different parties, every party has its own way of working and a different set of mind.

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Let’s discuss a few common causes of construction disputes:-

1. Lack of Planning –

The first and foremost cause of construction disputes is a lack of planning. For the success of the project, planning is very important. Planning includes all the steps involved in construction like the arrangement of funds, labor, building material, etc. It has been seen that improper planning gives rise to conflicts. If errors are not rectified during the planning phase, these errors will reflect at the time of delivery and becomes the cause of dispute between the client and the building contractor.

2. Designing

Designing plays a significant role in construction. How your building looks will decide during the designing stage. The improper design will give bad look to your project.

3. Delay in Project

Almost every project got delay these days and project delays give rise to conflicts. Sometimes delivery of projects delayed due to labour or sometimes by the act of gods like heavy rain or flood. The increased waiting time will rises the anger of the client as well. Sometimes clients get too much frustrated and file a case against the contractor.

4. Project not Up-to Clients expectations

The client receives the delivery full payment is paid to the contractor. After that client realizes that the project is not as per his expectations and here occur the conflicts. In this condition, the client has no option left then to sue the contractor because full payment is already done.

5. Variations in the existing contract

The contract already finalized but after that contractor put a variation during the work. The purpose of the contract remains the same but a little bit of variation might become the cause of conflicts. This variation disturbs the full scenario of the project.

6. Client becomes the cause of conflict

Sometimes client himself becomes the cause of conflict. Lack of cooperation by the client. For example, Few projects demand licensing or legal paper from the client side. Failing to present legal documents on time might hamper the working of the project and increases the chance of disputes later. Sometimes clients seen interfering during the development stage can become the cause of dispute.

7. Blaming others

Blaming others is most common in almost every work. If a client likes the work contractor takes the full credit but in case of client doesn’t likes the work, the contractor tries to shift the blame either to labour or any other person involved in that project. It might be the reason for the dispute.

8. No review or Approvals from the engineer’s side

Completion of the project efficiently is the sole responsibility of the contractor because he is the one who communicates between the client and other parties involved in the project. It is the responsibility of the contractor get the task approve. By the concerned parties, failing in doing so will increase the chances of disputes within the team or might be responsible for the delay in delivery of the project.

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