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Buying Bulk Paper Towels? Here Are Some Vital Points

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Buying Bulk Paper Towels? Here Are Some Vital Points

Paper towels are the most commonly used in our daily chores; from cleaning up the face or wiping off the kitchen surfaces, their use is highly versatile. You can find so many options of paper towels out there, and their uses are so profound that most people tend to buy bulk paper towels.

These are cheaper in price, and you can easily stick them up for future use. The best part is that paper towels don’t degrade over time, and you can store them for long. Different types of paper towels are designed for different purposes. In this blog, we will discuss the different types of paper towels to contemplate them and then go ahead to buy bulk paper towels.

Types of paper towels

  • Lint-free vs. traditional paper towels: Paper towels find many applications like in the garage and automotive industry. For such uses, you must rely on lint-free paper towels. These are perfect for wiping off windshields, and glass surfaces, since lint-free paper towels don’t leave lint on the glass surface, thus making them the best choice for cleaning such surfaces. 
  • Commercial vs. kitchen roll paper towels: The next option you have is a commercial or kitchen roll; if you want to stock a commercial dispenser, you must choose a commercial paper towel, but for kitchen cleaning, you must stick to a specifically designed kitchen paper towel. 
  • C-fold vs. multifold paper towels: If you have noticed paper towels in offices or bathrooms, they usually have them. The multifold paper towels have a Z-type fold that interlocks one paper towel with another. Alternatively, in C-fold, the towels are not interlocked; rather, they are just stacked one upon the other. 

Key Factors To Consider When Buying Paper Towels.

Below, we have covered the most significant factors to consider when you plan to buy bulk paper towels. Read on to know further.

The size:

Another parameter that you need to consider is the size of the paper towels. Many paper towels have perforations that make it easier for you to tear them off; this makes the paper towel last longer.


The next important factor that you must add to your checklist while buying bulk paper towels is the absorbency capacity of the paper towel. Suppose you are looking for a highly absorbent paper towel. In that case, you must stick to a two-ply paper towel rather than just relying on a single ply. 

Durability: Make sure that you buy the best quality paper towels. Good quality and durable paper towels are good for scrubbing the stain and drying out the surfaces. 


One of the key reasons people are opting for paper towels is because they are eco-friendly. Many people still prefer using a cloth to wipe off the surface. While it is a good choice, and material like cotton makes it easier for you to wipe off the surface and clean it and reuse it, the dampness of cloth can invite bacteria that can be unhygienic.

So, when it comes to using the most hygienic means of cleaning the surfaces, then a paper towel takes the lead. The paper towels made with a high post-consumer content of recycled fibres are environmentally friendly. Some companies responsibly harvest the forest and replant, so you must carefully assess the product and its manufacturer before purchasing. 

  • Cost:  Lastly, you must check the price. While there are cheaper options, you may have to pay a bit higher if you want to invest in the best quality. However, if you want to save on the money, you buy bulk paper towels, which will come cheaper.


This was the basic information about paper towels; before buying bulk paper towels, make sure that you check all the options, compare, and decide. 

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