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Benefits of Mailer Boxes for Shipping and Mailing Products

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Mailer Boxes

Benefits of Mailer Boxes for Shipping and Mailing Products

Do you know what the functions of a mailer box are? Does it work like shipping or a product box? Maybe mailer boxes are a completely different type of packaging? We’ll explain everything you need to know about mailing boxes and give you the benefits of using these boxes.

What is Mailer Box?

A Mailer box is a secondary packaging box with self-locking flaps and ear locks that can be shut quickly without gluing.

They typically are made of corrugated cardboard to guarantee the safety of your storage space and transport of your items.

With the rapid advancement of logistics express and e-commerce delivery, the mailer box is frequently utilized as a brand new packaging for transportation. Hence it’s also known as a shipping box.

Concerning the word mailer box, the three definitions below stand out most often:

  • Mailer box for transport facilitation
  • Mailer box to serve as a cover for protection
  • Mailer box to advertise your brand

A Mailer Box for Easy Transportation

The first definition focuses on the logistics aspects of the packaging. Bundling all your products into a large outer package saves money and time. If, for instance, you offer products that are smaller in dimensions, it is an excellent idea to layer your items in packaging like custom mailer boxes and not transport every product separately.

It is true that this definition of a mailer box mainly concerns transportation in the B2B industry. One of the favorite features of mailing boxes is their outer packaging.

Shipping packaging will protect your items during transportation. Ideal for fragile products such as bottles or ampoules made from glass.

Add Protection to the Product with Mailing Boxes

Let’s discuss the subject of logistics once more. Without the mailer box, it can cost you. The mailer box functions in a similar way to bubble wrap. Its job is to protect goods during transportation within the B2B zone, ensuring fewer rejection rates. As a result, with efficient and affordable shipping boxes, your custom packaging carton and its contents will be safe for your customers.

Another protection function of outer packaging for mailers is to protect against theft. As a result of repackaging, products are no longer put in as easily. 

Boost Product Sales with Custom Mailers

A mailing box’s final and most crucial role is as a sales tool.

Furthermore, a mailer box with elegant packaging provides you and your business more space. Space to what purpose, you think? Space for advertising! For instance, it could provide information on the product’s background, highlight its benefits, and many more. Thus, mailer box packaging isn’t always simply cardboard.

Mailer and Retail Boxes

Retail Packaging Functions:

  • Shelf life increase
  • Protection of the product
  • Protection from theft or undesirable samples

Mailer Packaging Functions:

  • Facilitating logistics
  • Secure delivery of products

The most popular products we use are folding cartons. Because of its rectangular shape, it’s possible to display many different products, such as cosmetic items to wine bottles, on the sales shelves.

Another benefit that retail packaging offers is security of the packaging. For instance, the leading packaging is a tube that contains your hand lotion. An appropriate inlay could protect even small glass bottles.

In addition, using a sales packing box allows you to minimize the loss of sales due to theft. Additionally, the chance of losing the product during transportation can be decreased.

The final feature of the retail box is in its title to sell. The principal function of the box is the way to present goods. Our graphic and printing designers can satisfy your every design need. Do you want to receive the most efficient custom product boxes? We invite you to get in touch with us about this.

Postal and Shipping Boxes

The shipping box serves as the 3rd layer of protection for your product. The second layer is the retail packaging that we create. Be safe by using our delivery boxes. Particularly with top-quality products with special packaging, it could be problematic if a pallet or another box could damage your box during transport.

Therefore, many packaging companies provide shipping boxes in various sizes. Shipping boxes provide additional protection from transportation theft, loss, and damages.

This enhances the customer experience, reduces the chance of failure, and boosts your profits. The shipping boxes of premium corrugated cardboard are readily available in different sizes. This gives you the possibility to cut costs and boost your profit.

What’s the distinction between a mailer box and a shipping cardboard/retail carton?

The term mailer boxes refers to all items used for packaging the item. The term covers the entire packaging, from the small cosmetic package to the large shipping box, which will eventually be delivered to the customer.

Moreover, a shipping box is primarily responsible for protecting the box throughout the entire journey and saving your money.

The packaging of the retail store is what will encourage customers to purchase. It does not just provide space to advertise but allows you to display the product prominently on the shelves. In addition, it shields your item from theft and consequently reduces costs.

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