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Athenahealth EMR Vs Epic EHR; Which 1 Software Is Best?

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Athenahealth EMR Vs Epic EHR; Which 1 Software Is Best?

Is EMR Software Important in a Medical Practice? 

Finding EMR software for your medical practice which serves your purpose well is very important. These days most state laws mandate that the use of medical software is very important. This means that you definitely need to employ medical EHR software at your practice but which software you choose is your choice. In this piece, we will tell you about two stellar EHR software choices which you can opt for to make things easier at your practice while also complying with governmental laws and regulation. Keep reading if you want to know whether Athenahealth EMR or Epic EHR is the right call for you! Make things easier at your practice with this software managing everything for you so you are able to focus more on the clinical side rather than the administrative side. 

Athenahealth EMR 

Patient Portal 

The patient portal feature in Athenahealth EMR is perhaps one of the best things about this software in terms of how easy it makes things for both you and your patients alike. The feature allows patients to log in to their own portal so that they can manage their treatment with you on their own. Patients can schedule their own appointments, manage their billing, look at your calendar and securely communicate with you through the portal among other things. All in all with the patient portal feature in Athenahealth EMR, you are able to make things a lot easier for you. This enables you to focus on the clinical side of things instead of having to worry about administrative issues. You can also save money on hiring assistants or help to manage administrative work for you.

Clinical Summaries 

The clinical summaries feature in Athenahealth EMR is another feature which makes it wonderful. This feature allows you to make summaries very easily without giving you any issues. This is because the feature automatically makes summaries for your patient notes which help you to get the gist about a patient’s case in no time at all. Through this feature you are able to make your patient appointments much shorter too since your patient notes are succinct and you can easily read up on a patient’s case history and talk to them before making your diagnosis and recommendation. Overall, this is a very helpful feature.


The dashboard feature in Athenahealth EMR is also very important. This feature helps you make things a lot easier for yourself as the dashboard is what you will mostly be interacting with when it comes to the EHR software. The dashboard in Athenahealth EMR is very user friendly and takes no time at all to get used to. Because of this, you are able to navigate through the dashboard easily and switch through features you think are pertinent. This helps you make things a lot easier and allows you to be proficient in your use of the software from the get go. 

Epic EMR

Claims Feature 

The claims feature in Epic EHR allows you to make things so much simpler overall. This is because even before you accept a patient, the software will search for whether they qualify for insurance or not. This helps you to reject patients who are not qualified for insurance. The feature also automates a majority of your claim filing process so that there are fewer mistakes. So that there are more chances of your claim being accepted and then reimbursed. All in all, this helps make things a lot easier for you. In the long run, your finances are drastically improved because of the increase in claims acceptance. That you enjoy with this software. 

Patient Scheduling

The patient scheduling feature in Epic EMR perhaps is one of the best for various reasons. This is because the feature allows you to schedule patients in the most optimal way possible. Because of this you are able to induct more patients to your practice. Since you can accommodate more appointments and patients per day. The software also allows you to maintain a waiting list and schedules a replacement appointment for anytime. There might be a last minute cancelation. This helps you make sure you do not waste any time on any given day.

Final Verdict

Now that we have given you ample details about both Athenahealth EMR and Epic EMR; you are probably wondering which of these two software you should employ in your practice. We recommend that you make a list of all the ideal features. You would want in an EHR and then compare that list to both software to see which of these two would perhaps serve your needs better.

We also suggest asking the vendors for a demo or a trial of the software before you make a final decision. Since this will help you conclude which of the two software might suit your needs better. And finally, we advise that you read as many user written reviews for the software. So that you are choosing a software when you have all the data for it. All in all, we recommend that you choose a software which will be good for your needs in particular. 

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