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All You Need to Know About Cabinet Refacing: CCC Cabinets

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Cabinet Refacing

All You Need to Know About Cabinet Refacing: CCC Cabinets

 As a homeowner, you might want to upgrade your kitchen now and then. Upgrading a kitchen requires time, energy, and money. Similarly, it takes a good amount of money to remodel your kitchen cabinets. However, if your cabinets are still in good shape, you might want to rethink your decision. In this case, cabinet refacing is the answer. So, with CCC cabinets you may avail this chance.

About cabinet refacing:

Sometimes you merely want to update your kitchen cabinets. You might be tired of its color and design. Similarly, the cabinets might have some surface damage. In this case, a complete cabinet replacement is out of the question. So, the best solution is cabinet refacing. 

For instance, your kitchen cabinets are in good condition on the inside. However, they have some signs of surface damage. In this case, you do not need to replace the entire set of cabinets. But, you can contact a cabinet veneer. They can reface the doors and drawers of the cabinets. Besides, it is simple and highly functional. 

How is it different from cabinet replacement?

Every kitchen remodeling project includes some cabinet work. However, cabinet replacement is not always necessary. You have to replace the cabinets when they have been serving long. Also, your cabinets need replacement after at least ten years. 

On the other hand, if you can repair the cabinets on the surface level, cabinet refacing is enough. Therefore, you can opt for refacing cabinets as it is the best option. In this way, you do not have to replace the entire cabinets for minor damage.

Why consider cabinet Refacing?

Following are the reasons that you should consider refacing your cabinets:

  1. To cover surface damage
  2. For a fresh look
  3. To change the wood species
  4. Cheaper than other remodeling options

1.      To cover surface damage:

You may consider cabinet refacing for minor surface damage on the doors or drawers. For instance, if your kids use markers and paints on the cabinet doors, refacing is the solution. For such minor surface damage, no need to replace the cabinets.

Similarly, refinishing is also not enough. Therefore, apply a new veneer to the doors of cabinets. As a result, you will get rid of any stains and spills on the cabinets. It is an excellent reason to consider cabinet refacing.

2.      For a fresh look:

If you plan to refresh your kitchen, cabinet refacing is the best answer. Also, if you are bored with the same color cabinets, go for refacing. It will give a new and fresh look to your kitchen. In this way, you can pick any color and texture for your drawers and cabinets. Besides, painting the cabinets is not a long-term solution.

3.      To change the wood species:

Refacing cabinets give a natural look to your kitchen cabinets. That is why most people prefer it. However, choose any wood texture to have different tastes in wood species. For example, you like the look of oak. But you already have birch wood cabinets. So, talk to a veneer to get the look of oak in cabinets.

Also, with the help of j&k cabinetry, you can have fine finishes for your cabinets. They can make the front face of your cabinets more beautiful and practical. Also, they offer cabinets’ refacing.

4.      Cheaper than other remodeling ideas:

There is no doubt that the budget concerns many people. When it’s about remodeling the kitchen, it is usually costly. However, with cabinet refacing, you do not have to worry about your budget. Moreover, it is almost 40 percent cheaper than replacing the cabinets. Therefore, refacing will give you the kitchen you want within your budget.


Well, if the current condition of your cabinets is fine. However, you want to upgrade your kitchen, opt for cabinet refacing. You do not have to replace your cabinets for minor changes. In this case, CCC cabinets provide the facility of cabinets refacing with several other options. Similarly, these reasons are good enough to choose refacing rather than other remodeling ideas. Besides, it is affordable and practical. 

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