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Air Gap Leak in dishwasher – Causes and Solutions

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Air Gap Leak in dishwasher

Air Gap Leak in dishwasher- causes, and Solutions

The air gap is present for the purpose of preventing dirty water from re-entering the dishwasher. Most people prefer to get an air gap installed under the sink, but you can also get it installed through the countertop. Without an air gap, wastewater can easily move back to the dishwasher.

An air gap assembly has 2 branches, and both have different hose lengths. The two hoses have different lengths because they intended for different uses. One of these hoses is placed in between the dishwasher and the air gap, other connect from the air gap to the disposal drain of the sink.

These two hoses separated by air, thus the name air gap. Wasteful water from the dishwasher travels through the first hose to reach the air gap. Then it falls from that gap to the second hose and goes straight to the disposal drain.

These two hoses not attached together because there is an air gap between them.

If you are experiencing a leak in the dishwasher air gap under sink, read the full blog for knowing the reason behind its existence and possible solutions to this problem.

A leak in the gap can adversely affect the performance of your dishwasher. A Dishwasher drains water several times during one wash cycle. If this dirty water not drained properly, your dishes might come out greasy and dirty.

A leak in the dishwasher air gap under sink

A leak in the air gap leak in dishwasher can cause water drainage problems. The drainage problem can be in the dishwasher, or it can be something that is clogging up the drain pipe. There are a couple of other factors as well that can impact the draining system of your dishwasher.

Check the fastening of connections

Unfastened/loose connection can be a reason for the leak in sink air gap. Check the whole air gap assembly and try to fasten any loose connections. Check both the hoses thoroughly, because these hoses fastened with the help of clamps.

These clamps are very reliable and they rarely malfunction, still you should check these clamps for any possible problems.

If you find any loose fittings or gaps, fix them.

Clogged drainage system

The drainage system of your dishwasher can clogged very easily. If the drain clogged, water can leak from the air gap. Small food particles can accumulate over time in the drainpipe. This debris and particles can clog the drainage pipe of your dishwasher.

For cleaning the drain pipes, remove all the clamps. Take the pipes off the dishwasher and the sink, and clean them thoroughly. You won’t be able to clean the whole drainpipe with your hand, use a long stick for this purpose.

Holes in the drainage pipes

Check the condition of both the hoses. Old drainage pipes can easily develop holes, and sometimes these holes are not visible to the naked eye.

To check the condition of your drainage pipes, remove them from the dishwasher and the sink. Take one pipe and connect it with the dishwasher, leave the other end open. Run your dishwasher and check if any water is leaking out from the pipe. Do the same procedure with the second drainage hose as well. If you find any holes in your drainage pipes, replace them with new ones.

If you are unable to buy the drainage hoses immediately, you can fix these holes to keep using your dishwasher. Still, you’ll have to replace the damaged pipe eventually.

Substandard hose

Hoses make with low-quality materials can get damage very easily. Most of these hoses made up of recycle plastic, and that is why they are not very sturdy and reliable.

Always prefer rubber hoses over plastic ones, because they are more reliable. Rubber hoses very flexible and they don’t get damage easily. Plastic hoses, on the other hand, are not very flexible and break apart easily.

Bottom Line

The proper functionality of the drainage system is necessary for your dishwasher to work well. The air gap is present to prevent the dirty water from re-entering the dishwasher. If your air gap assembly not installed properly, the dirt water can re-enter the dishwasher through the drainage system. This water can then come in contact with the clean dishes, making them dirty again. If you are experiencing a leak in the sink air gap and you are unable to fix it with the tips we have given above, contact a professional.

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