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Acoustic Barriers: Your Best Thing To Combat the Noise Pollution

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Acoustic Barriers

Acoustic Barriers: Your Best Thing To Combat the Noise Pollution

Today noise pollution has emerged as one of the biggest problems across the world. Whether you are a person who lives in the outskirts of the city with very low traffic or one who lives in a highly crowded area with thousands of vehicles moving on the road. You will agree that a little noise or sound is enough to stop you from focussing on your work, especially when you are trying to sleep or talking on a phone. It is almost impossible for you to execute your actions accordingly. Interestingly there are lots of ways by which you can control the impacts of sounds to a huge extent which are disturbing you. One such way is installing acoustic barriers across your house or office.

What are Acoustic Barriers?

Acoustic barriers are designed and tested to control the effects of the sounds coming from your nearby areas. These barriers work as insulators and reflect the sounds or absorb the sounds according to their efficiency. Thus, offering a sound-proof environment inside your room. They are mainly installed in factories, public places, and homes. In short they are the peacemakers which play an incredible role in stopping the irritating sounds coming from outside sources. Now the question arises how these barriers work. 

How do Acoustic Barriers Work?

According to science the sound travels as a wave. This can be transverse and longitudinal depending upon the source of generation. This is the main reason due to which we are able to listen to them according to the distance they travel to reach us. The acoustic barriers are installed to absorb or reflect these waves after they touch the barriers install to restrict their entrance. Here one thing that needs to understood more importantly is that acoustic barriers are different from noise barriers. Noise barriers are normally use by the city management services for controlling the effects of sounds generated from the traffic. These are commonly install at the places that are prone to sound which disturbs its surrounding areas. This includes places like railway tracks, highways, airports, etc.

Their main objective is to absorb the noises and not let them move above the barriers. The acoustic barriers installed across your property which may be your home, office or any other place. They either reflect the sound back to its source of generation or let it move above your property or absorb the sound and do not let it move inside the property.

Benefits of Acoustic Barriers

It would be interesting to know. That acoustic barriers are not only use for reducing the effects of sounds, but they also act as safety barriers. As these barriers are install outside the property and up to the sufficient height, it is impossible for the intruders to move inside the property. In this way these barriers not only protect you from the harmful effects of annoying sounds. But also from the unexpected attacks by the intruders. While discussing the safety benefits of these barriers, they can also be use for installing extra sources of security like CCTV cameras or high flashlights on their top to further strengthen the security of your place.

There are lots of people who feel that installing the acoustic barriers will spoil the looks of their house or office. This is not so as they think. Today with the increasing use of these barriers they are available in different shapes and colours. Depending upon the exterior of your property you can install them for enjoying a peaceful atmosphere in your room.

Materials Used for Developing Acoustic Barriers

The acoustic barriers can be develop from different types of materials including concrete, acrylic, aluminum, timber, steel, recycled plastic, etc. The barriers develop from all these materials are of high quality and tested properly before they sold in the market. To make sure that they are able to satisfy the needs of the customers. hey undergo proper testing in extreme situations. They are not only enrich with reflective and absorptive features, but they are also weather resistant and do not damage easily due to varied atmospheric conditions. They also do not require any specific maintenance and work flawlessly for many years without any difficulty and damage.

Other Reasons for Installing Acoustic Barriers: 

Some of the other reasons for installing the acoustic barriers are:

  1. Privacy: There are lots of conversations in offices which are confidential and not shared with all the employees. In the presence of excessive sounds it is not possible to retain the privacy of such matters. As for proper communication the people need to talk loudly. As these barriers offer reduction in the levels of noise, it is easier to talk slowly. In a room with complete privacy.

  2. Improves the Health: According to various studies people living in the areas prone to excessive sounds suffer from the problems like hypertension, mental stress, improper sleep, and various other problems. This adversely affects their health. By installing the acoustic barriers they are able to sleep properly. Without any disturbance which indirectly helps in improving their overall health.

  3. Improves the Productivity: Installing these barriers in the offices helps in increasing the productivity of the employees. Due to a peaceful environment the employees are able to concentrate on their work. They perform in a better way to achieve their objective. Similarly the children are also able to focus on their studies which helps in improving their results.


The acoustic barriers are the best way to combat the increasing problem of sound pollution without any expensive investment.

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