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A Thorough Guide On A B2B eCommerce in 2021

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B2B eCommerce

A Thorough Guide On A B2B eCommerce 

With the increase in digital experiences, the personal shopping experience may shape the expectations and demands of buyers. Customers become adapted to buy products online. And, more often, this pandemic also gives them the feasibility to buy products online, which is why the boost in the eCommerce industry has been noticed. According to various researches, it has been seen that the buyer’s appetite for online ordering tools is also increasing day by day. Many of us usually prefer to buy through a website, as it is more convenient and flexible than buying from a sales representative. If you are operating a B2B business, you also need to determine the importance of B2B eCommerce portals such as eWorldtrade.

The COVID-19 may trigger the incredible digital transformation or revolution in the B2B market. B2B buyers do not plan to come back into in-person sales after the pandemic. That’s the reason the heightened expectations for digital marketing causes panic among manufacturers and distributors. Most of them realize if they want to increase their market reach, having digital existence becomes their need.

So, in this thorough guide, you will read exactly what B2B eCommerce is, the type of B2B eCommerce, and advantages with marketing tips.

What Exactly B2B Ecommerce Is

Business-to-business eCommerce for B2B eCommerce is the online selling and purchasing of products between two businesses. In other words, when businesses sell their products and services to other businesses via the internet. Usually, the B2B operations consist of wholesale, retailers, and distributors.

B2B eCommerce is different from B2C or D2C, as it includes selling products in bulk quantities to businesses. Whereas in B2C and D2C, it involves selling products and services directly to the customers. B2B eCommerce helps businesses to increase their sales in high-volume and help in generating more revenue.

Major Types Of B2B Ecommerce

If you want to just start your B2B eCommerce, you have to understand the following categories. You have to know, every business has pros and cons, so make sure that in which category your business needs to be operated.


The supplier-oriented model is common for B2B retailers in which there are several buyers with few sellers. For this, businesses need to join supplier directories, or they may set up an online sales portal in order to meet the demand and sell at the right scale. Suppliers usually use this model to control customer pricing and also improve their customer experience. It eventually helps in building a long-term relationship with targeted buyers.


When talking about the buyer-oriented model, here you will find many buyers and few sellers. In this case, buyers have their own digital marketplaces. They may invite the manufacturers and suppliers to display the products and accept offers from different sellers. If you are a wholesale supplier, then B2B marketplaces are one of the best ways to advertise your brand products to retailers and buyers with minimum marketing efforts.


The intermediary-oriented model in the B2B marketplace includes third-party, which match buyers and sellers comparatively. This model controls the product information and product catalogs that mean it is essential to follow the particular guidelines. However, it owns the contact information, relationship, and buyers’ orders. This marketplace is also named a horizontal marketplace. It includes B2B eCommerce sites like Alibaba, eWorldtrade, etc.

5 Key Advantages To Using B2B eCommerce Platforms

B2B eCommerce portals give a way to your targeted customers to buy your products online. This helps the organization to increase their traffic, expand business growth, and many more. So, here are 7 benefits of using B2B eCommerce platforms. 

Offers business scalability 

The effective B2B eCommerce enables the organization growth that helps to quickly understand the demand and need of the customers. You have the feasibility to open new sales channels and reach new market segments. When you create compelling content for the targeted customers, you have knowledge about the upgrading changes in technology. So, you can quickly respond to the market change efficiently, which helps to grow your brand.   

Enhance business efficiency & productivity 

eCommerce portals help businesses to improve their market efficiencies. With the integration of an ERP system or any back-end business system, you have the feasibility to improve your brand productivity. When customers place an order online in their comfort zone, businesses may focus on their actual customer’s services instead of being order takers. Automated ordering eliminates the possibility of errors and improves business efficiency.

Heighten brand awareness 

Brand awareness is the main aspect for every business that helps to cultivate potential buyers or generate more revenue. Suppose you want to target the palm oil importersdo you think without creating brand awareness is possible to attract them? Usually not. So, having brand existence on the B2B eCommerce portal, allows you to advertise your brand services locally and internationally as well. Remember, your brand eCommerce site is the major marketing tool that helps to enhance your brand visibility.

Increase sales 

Every brand wants to increase its sales. The B2B eCommerce platform helps to reach new customers. Allows you to implement effective marketing strategies to attract more customers. With B2B eCommerce, you can boost your sales by providing relevant suggestions to your targeted customers. A well-designed B2B eCommerce platform gives the right information about the products and services. And it helps them to easily negotiate the prices that result in increased sales. Not only this, but it also helps to boost the mean order value.  

Increased your reach 

The B2B digital portals also help to increase your potential reach by delivering appropriate products to the audience. Customers always want ease when they want to shop, so B2B eCommerce platforms give them the feasibility to buy products. You only need to create effective and engaging content and increase your site visibility to increase your traffic. Having public-facing catalogs is one of the best ways to garner the attention of B2B buyers.

To Wrap Up the Things

At last, you may comprehend that B2B eCommerce is the best way to find new customers. Boost the sales of your brand products. It even helps to expand your business on an international level.

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