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A Newborn Photography Baby

by The Post Zilla
Newborn Photography

A Newborn Photography Baby

Photographing a newborn baby is a special and exciting experience. Newborns Photography change a lot in the first few weeks of life, so it is best to photograph them before they are two weeks old. After two weeks, many newborns develop baby acne and are not as flexible as they were in the first few days of life.

Here are Some Tips for Newborn Photography Successfully

Warm up the room

One of the most important things I do when newborn photography is to make sure the room you are photographing them in is very warm. Just like adults and children, newborns don’t like the cold, so if you want your baby to be comfortable, turn the heating on. If you plan to photograph naked babies, the temperature of the room is crucial.

Feeding and changing your baby

Babies are happiest when they have recently been fed, so make sure you feed your subject before the shoot. Also, no one likes dirty nappies, so make sure you check your baby’s nappy before the shoot so they don’t feel uncomfortable.

Create a baby nest near a window

Most babies tend to flinch when the camera flash is used. It is therefore best to place your subject close to a window so that you can use natural light. If you have a bean bag or a couple of large pillows, place them on a table, stand or floor near a light source to create a ‘nest’. Cover the nest with a couple of baby blankets and you have the perfect set up.

Be patient

When photographing babies, you need to work around their schedule. So don’t rush, take your time and enjoy it.


Calm your subject down

You can use repeated soothing sounds to calm your baby down. Another way to calm your baby is to hold him or her in your arms and rock him or her gently back and forth. If you have warm hands, you can try placing a probe between the baby’s two eyebrows. There is a pressure point in this area that will put your baby to sleep and allow him to relax.

Move the Baby Away

To get the perfect shot, you should try moving around your subject. For each face, there are definitely more pleasing angles. Try shooting from the side, from above, and from different angles that look right. As you move around your subject, make sure the light reaches their face and body.

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