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9 Ideas to Make a Small Bathroom Beautiful

Bathroom Beautiful

Bathroom Beautiful

9 Ideas to Make a Small Bathroom Beautiful

A few decades ago, houses were designed with big bathroom beautiful away from the main rooms of the house. Nowadays, due to the increasing population and shortage of space, bathrooms have become small. While the needs and requirements of the people remain the same, maintaining a small bathroom can become challenging. Space-saving bathrooms add a lot of functionality to small bathrooms. They become easy to maintain, and with a few tricks, you can make a small bathroom appear bigger and beautiful.

We have compiled a list of things you can do to fully utilise your small bathroom space and make it look elegant. Following are some ideas for designing a perfect bathroom:

1.    Use Mirror Cabinets With Built-in Storage

A cluttered bathroom is never an appealing sight. It makes your space look even smaller. Built-in storage cabinets not only provide storage but also hide your toiletries out of sight until you need them. It clears up a lot of space on the countertop and basins while keeping the stuff within hand’s reach. You can also store all your washing needs and surplus items in the cabinet under the washbasin. Doing so makes your bathroom appear organised, clean, and spacious.

2.    Opt for a Shower Area

Installing a bathtub in a small bathroom eats up a lot of space. Instead, you can go for a multifunctional shower which allows you to change the spray pattern. It not only adds up to the design of your bathroom but also enhances its functionality. If you already have a bathtub and need to create space, replace it with a shower area. If you are not tight on a budget, you can also go for those walk-in shower rooms that have glass doors and add a luxurious touch to your bathroom.

3.    Use More Mirrors Than One

A large mirror above the countertop serves the majority of your purpose. Add more mirrors in the form of wall decor, or try some quirky alignments to make the room appear spacious. You can also angle the mirror to reflect natural light in the bathroom. Doing so is one of the favourite tricks of an interior designer and adds a glittery and vibrant touch to your bathroom.

4.    Make Use of Sliding High-tiered Storage

Sliding storage can be very useful in small spaces as they can fit almost anywhere. The icing on the cake is if it comes with tiered storage and shelves. You can store all your much-needed toiletries like disposable bags, paper napkins, toilet rolls, gadgets such as a hair dryer or trimmer, etc. The wheels on the sliding storage unit make it easy to take out and clean the hardly reachable areas.

5.    Go Uni Colour

Colours can trick your mind. A monochromatic room can be made bold and eye-catchy without using more than one colour. Colour continuity gives your space a uniform look. You can use one colour or play with different shades of colours to make your bathroom look elegant. Give a touch of colour by adding green plant pots or wall decor that contrast the colour of the walls. Doing so gives a vibrant yet warm look to the space.

6.    Ceramic Basins and Pots

Ceramics bring a luxurious feel to any place. A common, cliched washbasin design can make your countertop look unnecessarily larger. A designer ceramic basin can spark up the bathroom and create more countertop space. Additionally, you can also add small indoor plants in ceramic vases or pots to add a modern touch to the bathroom.

7.    Wall-Mounted Racks

If the sliding-tiered storage unit does not work for you, then go for wall-mount racks. The empty space on the walls can be filled with wall shelves and used to store bathroom items such as extra towels, potpourri, showpieces, bathrobes, etc. You can also fix or stick wall hangers or hooks for the towels and robes.

8.    Use Different Types of Lighting

Just as using good pipes like ASTM pipe is important, good lighting can instantly, literally brighten the bathroom and make it look warm and spacious. Include everything from warm yellow to warm white, and make use of accent and ambient lights to achieve that amazing, stylish look. Use spotlights near the countertop mirror to add functionality while you get ready. You can also use lights with changeable colour effects to make your room appear larger. 

9.    Ditch the Shower Curtains

While most people are very particular about shower curtains and generally look for innovative and designer curtains for their shower spaces, you need to skip them if you want to add style to your bathroom. A curtain defines the space into two sections and thus makes the space look even smaller. If you can afford it, replace the shower curtain with a glass partition or sliding door to make the space look amazingly bigger.


While you can not add extra feet or inches to your bathroom, you can design it to look more spacious and organised. An uncluttered, vibrant space can be achieved with a few changes in your small space. Remember to use good-quality PPR pipes to enhance the longevity of your bathroom. Use the tips mentioned above to brighten your space and give it an appealing look.

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