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7 Free-of-Charge Activities on Paxos

by The Post Zilla
Activities on Paxos

7 free-of-charge activities on Paxos

Activities on Paxos is one of those Greek destinations that seem to have it all: lovely beaches, luxury villas, excellent restaurants, and great chill-out bars to have a sundowner at. While prices in Greece are generally lower than in Western and Northern Europe, it is easy to rack up bills when you feel as free as you will here. 

That’s why today we propose some activities that are free of charge. These free plans help you keep costs under control. And the best of all: these activities will bring you back in tune with nature. This helps you recharge your batteries, making sure you return home calm and relaxed.

Cross Tripitos Arch, if you dare

Tripitos Arch is one of the most popular attractions on Paxos. Situated on the south coast Activities on Paxos, this limestone arch stands in the crystal clear Ionian Sea. It’s a 15-minute walk along a rocky path from Ozias to get there. Watch is safely from Paxos, or be a daredevil and cross the actual arch. Best experience at sunrise or sunset. 

Watch the sunrise in Loggos

If you don’t mind getting up early, consider watching the sunrise from Loggos. Seeing the sun prepare itself for another day, rising from behind the islets in the bay of Loggos, is magical. Have a strong Greek coffee on one of the harbour terraces for an energised start to your day.

Visit the Lessianitis Windmill in Tranakatika

A quick walk through the countryside from Tripitos Arch is Lessianitis Windmill. It is not in use since it is in a derelict state, but nonetheless, this is an interesting place to visit. The windmill is high up, meaning you get to see the sea on both sides of the island. Make sure you bring enough water because this walk gets very hot in summer.

Explore the Hills around Lakka

Make sure to bring your hiking shoes to Paxos, as there are lots of donkey trails to explore. From the hills around Lakka, you have great views of this town and its spectacular harbour. You can also see Corfu and the Greek mainland from here! The path to the west takes you past a secret beach with no name, while the past to the east takes you past some lovely coves, some of which aren’t on any maps.

Visit the Music Festival of Paxos

What’s there not to like about a free festival? Especially when it brings a variety of artists together, funded by donations, charity, and sponsors. Expect to find concerts, literary events, culture walks, art workshops, and video presentations at the Paxos Music Festival. There is something for every age group. 

Enjoy the sunset at brand new Eremitis Bay

Eremitis Bay is, according to TripAdvisor, the most popular attraction on the island of Paxos. It is a relatively new attraction, too, since it appeared after the cliffs collapsed. Remains of these cliffs are still scattered around the area, both on land and in the sea. This is a great place to watch the sunset. 

Do nothing at Glyfada Beach

There are so many beaches and coves on Paxos that it’s hard to select just one on which to relax. You can stay here for a month, visit one every day, and still have a few leftover when you return in the future. But since we’re compiling this list, we had to choose one, and we chose Glyfada Beach. This pebbly beach on the east coast is quiet – you may even have it all to yourself. What’s special about this beach is the cold sulfur spring right in the sea. This turns Glyfada Beach into a spa that nourishes and replenishes your skin.

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