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6 Lesser Known WordPress Facebook Reviews Plugins For Your Business

by The Post Zilla
WordPress Facebook Reviews Plugins

6 Lesser Known WordPress Facebook Reviews Plugins For Your Business

Do you know that around 810 million websites use WordPress as of 2023?

WordPress Facebook Reviews Plugins boasts over 2.89 billion, monthly active users. And looking at the craze, many business owners have started to fetch Facebook reviews for their businesses. The vast scope of Facebook reviews helps them to acquire social proof for their business.

So how about bringing this insane crowd to your website?

Sounds great, right?

Luckily, WordPress has enough plugins to embed Facebook reviews on WordPress. But if you are still dwindling upon which one to choose, we have got you covered. In this blog, we will walk you through some of the best WordPress plugins for Facebook Reviews widget. So follow along and thank us later.

6 Exquisite WordPress Facebook Reviews Plugins in 2023:

When it comes to opting for a good Facebook review widget WordPress plugin, most of the website owners and business owners fail to take a decision. We have handpicked some of the best plugins to help you out.

1. Tagembed Facebook Reviews Plugin:

Tagembed is a low-code review aggregator plugin that helps you display your Facebook reviews in a few minutes. This plugin’s customization features are outstanding, making it top the list of Facebook review plugins. For example, the plugin enables changing the themes and layouts of the Facebook review widget. This helps the business owner to create a personalized look and feel for the Facebook reviews widget. Tagembed also has custom CSS features which enable the users to up level their customization.

Besides, you also get your hands on the moderation panel; this helps you remove the content you are uncomfortable with. A well-organized Facebook review widget allows you to have a professional impression on your website. Apart from that, with Tagembed you get a responsive widget so that no matter what device your website visitors are using. You can also check out the analytics of the engagement happening on your Facebook review widget.

2. WP Business Reviews Plugin:

The WP Business Review plugin will provide a year of support for your company and a review activation license for one site. With the help of this plugin, it’s simple to link Facebook reviews to your WordPress website.

You can easily leverage on a simple-to-use plugin like WP Business Reviews Plugin; as this provides you with a clean design to manage the progress of your website. Additionally it also takes full control of your reviews. The plugin provides you with the responsive widget so use the powerful auto-fit feature to ensure a beautiful presentation on any device.

The WP Business review plugin helps your career and business by increasing conversion rates and sales.

3. Social Reviews Plugin:

The Social review and recommendation plugin for WordPress is one of the top plugins for Facebook reviews. To be honest, this plugin is among the top ones for Elementor Facebook reviews.

This reliable and ideal plugin feature provides a strong Facebook reviews widget. Other page builders like Divi, SiteOrigin, Beaver Builder, Gutenberg, and WPBakery are compatible with it. You require admin privileges to connect to the Facebook page because this plugin leverages Facebook’s APIs. This plugin also helps with the option to refresh upcoming reviews automatically.  In fact, the Social Reviews plugin claims to be SEO friendly. They also provide you with the ‘read more’ link feature for long reviews.

4. Trustindex Plugin:

One of the most responsive Facebook reviews widgets is “Widgets for Social Reviews & Recommendations.” It greatly benefits your business. This WordPress plugin shows your Facebook recommendations and reviews for free in two minutes.

This plugin can assist you in displaying all suggestions and reviews using pre-designed widgets. Create your widgets, filter your reviews, and show only the reviews you want to see. Trustindex has reviewed filtering support and pre-designed widget styles.

5. WP Review Slider:

Another WordPress plugin for Facebook reviews is WP Review Slider. Display your reviews with the best and easiest WordPress plugin for Facebook reviews. You may now display your tweets from your Twitter account in the most recent release of this powerful Facebook review plugin. Increase visitor trust by using this really simple and cutting-edge plugin, then.

You can easily display your Facebook and Twitter reviews with the WP Review Slider in three easy steps to benefit your business. You can also create a fantastic slider for both Facebook reviews and tweets. Apart from that, you can also display options for templates like show or hide star rating, border radius, background, and text colors.

6. Facebook Pixed Plugin:

The last plugin for Facebook reviews widget on the website is Facebook Pixel plugin. This plugin places a Facebook pixel on your WordPress page, which records every visitor action.

Other WordPress plugins are supported by Facebook for WordPress plugins as well. Examples include WooCommerce, WPForms, Gravity Forms, and others that are similar. You can also utilize the Pixel dashboard to gain insight into how people use your website.

In A Nutshell

When you embed Facebook reviews on WordPress website, you make your business more approachable to the customers and website visitors. Note that your customers do not understand the jargon. They want your offer to be crystal clear; and for this there is no better option than Facebook reviews.

You can easily embed Facebook review widget on WordPress website and leverage all the benefits at its best.

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