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12 Superb Benefits of Smart Door Locks – So Unbelievable!

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Smart Door Locks

12 Superb Benefits of Smart Door Locks – So Unbelievable!

Because of exemplary discoveries in the world, unfolded through outstanding advancements, not only people have become smarter than ever before but also things that people use. A lot of items found and utilized inside houses today are upgraded versions of their past selves. They have not just improved in appearance but have also transformed with groundbreaking functionalities! One of the proofs is the existence of smart door locks. 

Without question, the need for tougher security today is more serious compared to the earlier times. The nerve-racking reports of house robberies and crimes with culprits doing the most cunning break-in methods are one of the top reasons for sure. Moreover, business establishments are also the common victims of such delinquencies. Luxurious real estates and other huge properties are head-turners for burglars, but these days, these bad guys aren’t so choosy at all; even average-sized homes become their targets.

The grave issue of dangerous violations in homes and business buildings is the reason why security gadgets have been made stronger and smarter. Of course, the inevitable security gizmo every house has and needs is a lock. Looking for the most suitable lock for your place is very important, and if you’re looking for one right now or a better one to replace what you have, never forget to include smart door locks to your list of best options! 

Read below the 12 superb benefits of smart door locks to know why they are a must-have inside and outside your home or office! They’re so unbelievable — unbelievably awesome! 

1 – Pick-Proof! Smart Door Locks Open Only with the Passcode You Set.

Thieves won’t be able to use a pin or a stick to try picking and opening your door. Why? Because smart door locks open only when you enter the passcode you yourself set. The password could be in number or letter form, but what’s important is that you and your family members are the only ones who know what it is. If you have housekeepers whom you surely, without a shadow of doubt, trust, then you might need them to know the door passcode too. 

As for robbers, they have no chance to fool you, invade your home and steal your valuable  belongings because your smart door locks are smarter than them!   

2 – They Can Be Managed With Smartphones.

Using smart door locks is convenient. They are super accessible because they can be managed with your own smartphones. You just need to pair your mobile gadgets to your smart door locks via Bluetooth, and set up the necessary connection properties. With this advantage, you can operate your smart door locks even when you’re neither in front nor behind the door but somewhere else in the house or outside it. 

3 – There’s No Need to Duplicate Keys for the Whole Family.

When your family is composed of members who are working in an office or on the field, studying in universities, or handling a business away from home, sometimes, most of you are too busy to go home early. Often, you all go home at different times of the day, and some arrive late, when everyone is already asleep. Or there are times when some of you go home in the morning when everyone has already left for work or school. This is why each of you needs a copy of the main house key.

Smart door locks eliminate the need for duplicating keys for the whole family. All you have to mutually know is the passcode so you can enter the house anytime. Of course, you have to inform everyone also when the PIN is changed. 

4 – When Needed, You Can Send the Passcodes through Text, Chat or Call.

Because there’s no physical key to hold, distribute or lend to every family member, you can let a loved one into your home even before you arrive. You can do that through sending the passcode through text, chat or call. The person receiving it just needs to encode it on your smart door locks, and they can safely enter your place. 

Situations where this is applicable include letting an unexpected visiting relative inside your house when you’re still in the market, and accepting furniture deliveries with the help of your friendly neighbor.

Just make sure that the person you’re trusting is really trustworthy, and that you’re handing out the passkey to your family member or relative and not to some imposter online or over a stolen cell phone. Lastly, don’t forget to change the passcode of your smart door locks after letting others necessarily know about it.

5 – No Worries About Losing Keys. 

It’s so stressful when you have to keep and carry a set of keys with you. Some are big and bulky. Some are too small, so you have a hard time looking for them at times. It’s bothersome when you lose them because you never know, a thief might use it.

With smart door locks, there are no worries about losing keys. All you need to remember is keeping your door passcode in mind. That’s it! 

6 – Smart Door Locks Got Your Back When Your Hands are Full!

Even when you’re alone at home permanently or in the meantime, smart door locks offer a serviceable helping hand, like you’re not alone at all. They got your back when your hands are full or grocery bags, flower pots or other large items. Because you can activate them using mobile gadgets, like smartphones and tablets, you can open these smart door locks before you even reach your door. That means before you pick up the heavy items and overload your hands with them, your door can be automatically opened by you beforehand.

7 – They Are Elderly-Friendly.

Smart door locks are very ideal if you have elderly family members who have difficulty in using traditional locks. It could be due to old age, poor eyesight or mobility issues, but nevertheless, smart door locks can help them big time! Furthermore, if you have grandmoms and granddads who are quite impatient when it comes to accessing those complicated traditional locks, smart door locks are the way to go!

8 – They Are Accessible for Persons with Physical Health Issues.

Besides elders, handicapped persons are assisted favorably by smart door locks. This is especially for those who have hand, arm, muscle and mobility problems. Smart door locks can be used with voice recognition also, which is truly beneficial for those with physical health issues or with temporary injuries.  

9 – Smart Door Locks Recognize their Masters.

These gadgets are so impressive because smart door locks can also recognize their masters. It could be your physical structure, your fingerprint or (like mentioned before) your voice that they can identify, allowing you to enter without having to type the door’s password. Again, this is salutary for persons with physical disabilities. Also, this is helpful to avoid robbers from trying to input their attempted, guessed or stolen passwords. Just set this function up to use this owner recognition facility. 

10 – You Can Check Your House Even While You’re Away.

Since smart locks can be managed with mobile gadgets, you can check your house even while you’re away. You can lock it while you’re away too; that’s in case you forget to do so before leaving, but of course, before you leave the house, always ensure its total security by closing every door, window and other possible passageways into your dwelling. While you’re on vacation with the whole family, busy at work, busy in school or shopping in the mall, you can have peace of mind because of door locks.

11 – Smart Door Locks Offer A Techy Way to Style Your House.

When you thought that these gadgets are only about functionality, they prove you that they are also about fashion! They come in various sizes, colors and designs. You may have them customized as you please as well. Door locks offer a techy way to style your house. 

12 – For Stronger Home Security, They Can Be Connected to Your Other Smart Security Gadgets.

They can work with other smart security gadgets too! Connect them to your CCTVs, door and window motion sensors, and house alarms! Combined altogether, they equate to stronger and more reliable home security. 



Mind-blowing innovations in technology show no sign of stopping anytime! Smart door locks are present to attest to that! 

People want fresh and amplified ways to protect their home, assets and lives. These smart security gadgets got your back! 

From smart looks to smart services, they make sure you get the dependable safety you need! With the help of these smart door locks, you can live in your house comfortably and you can also leave for work, school or trips, without worries! 



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