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10 Sibling Games to Play With Your Sister When You’re Bored

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10 Sibling Games to Play With Your Sister When You’re Bored

When siblings grow up together, they tend to get on each other’s nerves sometimes, especially when they’re older and have less in common than they did as kids. To break the boredom and pass the time, try these sibling games with your sister, no matter how old you are!

1) Uno

This fun game that is more than just matching cards. The rules are easy enough, and it’s a great way to have fun with your sister without getting in trouble! It’s also a great sibling games for learning some strategy, making you feel like you’re using your brain. To play, simply turn over a card and follow its instructions. If you can’t match another card from your hand or take another action, you must draw two new cards.

2) Never Have I Ever

To play Never Have I Ever, sit in a circle with your friends and put one finger on your forehead. Go around in a circle and start off by saying Never have I ever… then say something you’ve never done but want to try. Then you put down a finger. If anyone else at the table has done what you just said, they put down a finger too and everyone who hasn’t is safe.

3) Consequences

Everyone loves a good game of hide-and-seek. Hide-and-go-seek is a classic sibling game that your sister can play with you. Be sure to hide in difficult places where she’ll have fun finding you, such as behind furniture or inside closets. She’ll enjoy looking for you and get tired out in the process. If she’s laughing and having fun, it will be even harder for her to remember how bored she was with you earlier!

4) Walk A Mile In Her Shoes

Many of you might have spent some time playing pretend games with your sisters growing up, but now that you’re all grown-up, it’s about time for a makeover. These days, it seems like there aren’t many opportunities to put aside your responsibilities and just be silly. So try picking out a pair of shoes—hers or yours—and walk around in them for an afternoon or two. The changes won’t only be physical; there will also be behavioral and mental ones too. You’ll learn how she views her role as a woman in society, what issues are important to her, etc.

5) Heads Up!

Heads Up! is an app for your iPhone or iPad that allows you and another person in different locations to play a siblings game of charades. There are thousands of phrases you can choose from. Each player has a device—there’s no need for an extra camera! During game play, one person acts out items from their phone while music plays in the background. The other person guesses what they’re miming. Perfect for long car trips with your sister!

6) Truth Or Dare!

Truth or dare is a classic, but it works just as well between two sisters as it does with a whole group. If your sister knows you really well, you can even try asking questions that could make her feel uncomfortable. Questions like: What’s your favorite sexual fantasy? How old were you when you lost your virginity?

7) Don’t Spit It Out!

Looking for a fun way to spend time with your sister? The next time you’re both feeling restless, ask her if she’d like a game of Don’t Spit It Out! Fill up balloons with water, tie them up and see who can keep their balloon afloat while taking turns spitting on it. Go with larger balloons and make sure you play inside!

8) Spin The Bottle

Whoever it points to, they must kiss each other. This keeps going until there’s only two people left and they kiss each other. If you don’t want to kiss someone, you can steal their partner instead. To make it extra fun, play music while playing so you can dance while you play!

9) Bottle Caps Challenge

Take a set of bottle caps and try to create as many words from them as you can in one minute. For example, if you have an I and a M, make IMMEDIATELY and IMMORTAL. Each letter counts as one point. The winner is whoever has created the most words or who uses all their letters first. If there is a tie, players can take turns creating more words until there is no longer a tie.

10) Would You Rather?

This is a great way to get your mind working and come up with some fun options that you wouldn’t normally think of. Start by saying something along these lines: Would you rather be a giraffe or an elephant? Or Would you rather eat pizza or pasta for every meal? This is a great game for kids, too. For example, Would you rather ride on a boat with Santa Claus or meet him at his workshop?


Sibling games are great friends to have, but sometimes, you can grow tired of each other if you spend too much time together. That’s why it’s important to always be thinking up fun new games to play with your sister when you’re bored and don’t have anything else to do! Sisters are great to have around, because they are always there when you need someone to play with. What’s even better about sisters is that you can play with them again and again, as long as you keep coming up with new games to play with each other.

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