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10 Party Ideas for a Spectacular Party

by The Post Zilla
Spectacular Party

10 Party Ideas for a Spectacular Party

You no longer get hot or cold from a standard party, you want to do something unique at your party. A party that your guests will talk about for a long time to come and of which the aftermath is just as fun as the party itself. There must be something among all these ideas that makes you think: that’s fun! In fact, we expect that you can’t wait to start preparing your party after reading this blog.

Party ideas: preparations for the spectacular party

A successful party stands or falls with the right preparations. Nothing should be left to chance. We help you with some party idea tips.


There is no Spectacular Party without invitees. Therefore, think carefully about who you want to invite and make sure they let you know whether they are coming or not. That is useful to know before you go shopping.

Send the invitation well in advance. Make sure your guests are triggered to come right from the invitation.

Cardboard is the new plastic

There will be food and drink at your party. Depending on what you want to radiate, you can opt for glassware and crockery, but of course that includes a lot of washing up.

However, you can ensure that your guests continue to drink from the same glass throughout the evening, more about that later.

If you really don’t feel like doing a lot of washing up? Then consider using paper cups , plates and cutlery. You Can purchase it at a discount with amazon promo code.

Using plastic is the cheapest option, but is a no-go as it is not good for the environment. However, it is necessary that there are waste bins in various places, so that it remains tidy.

Drinks table

Throwing a Spectacular Party generally involves a lot of work. From the preparations to the clean-up work after the party. During the party you can make it as ‘difficult’ on yourself as you would like.

Depending on the number of invitees, you can choose to only serve your guests the first (welcome) drink , and then show them the way to the fridge, or the possibly present drinks table.

A drinks table is recommended, especially when the fridge is at some distance, or because you don’t have enough cooling options .

You can create a drinks table by placing a long and sturdy table in a central place. Dress this table with a tablecloth (preferably one that reaches to the floor), glassware, (spirits) drinks, soft drinks and any ingredients for the cocktail (lime, lemon, cucumber, etc.).

The drinks that need cooling are placed in several large ice cubes on the table. Make sure you have enough ice in stock, so that you can replenish several rounds of ice.

You put the rest of the drink under the table, as well as the empty crates of beer. Give your guests some brief instructions & let it go!

If you would rather go for an alternative option than described above, we will surprise you further on: a party idea for a carefree party!

Party trial house

During the party you want to enjoy your party, without having to worry about your floor and your sofa. There are some measures you can take to make sure you don’t get too much damage.

You can protect your sofa against dirty stains by laying a beautiful decorative blanket over it.

You can protect that beautiful wooden floor by laying a  plaster runner over it. Now a plaster runner doesn’t exactly deserve the beauty prize, but something can be done about it.

Open a few cans of colorful paint and decorate the floor with it. Or let your kids do something for once that they’ve been dreaming of all along.

In addition to your sofa and floor, you can protect your other furniture by placing a piece of tarpaulin on it. It is true that it should not look like a crime scene, everything should be in harmony.

With these preparations you have already done half the work, but there is more!

Crazy party ideas for a legendary party!

After you have thought about the action plan, you can take one of the party ideas below to make it a successful party.

We have listed the 20 best party ideas for you. There is something for everyone and we are sure that after reading these tips you will get even more excited for your party!

Ice cubes with flowers 

You can now freeze ice cubes in all shapes and sizes, or buy them already frozen. There is a lot in the market. But it can always be nicer, for just that little bit extra.

You take an  ice cube mold of your choice for this. Then bring the desired amount of water to a boil and let it cool. This is necessary to get the ice cubes nice and clear, so that the edible flowers pop out.

After the water has cooled, pour it into the mold and place the flowers in it. Cover the whole thing with foil and freeze.

Over time you will have beautiful ice cubes, a feast for the eyes. Advice is to check carefully which flowers are edible, there are quite a few poisonous species and that could spoil the fun a bit.

Play the name game

At most parties, not every guest knows each other. That sometimes creates difficult situations. To get to know the guests better, the idea is to give away a nice prize to the person who can name all the names at the end of the party. This way you ensure that guests come closer to each other and perhaps even friendships arise.

Hashtag for Instagram

Instagram is hot, and so is the party you’re going to throw. How cool is it to capture your party forever with your own #hashtag? You can also show live on YouTube TV.

Ask all your guests (with an Instagram account) to use this tag. This way you can view the photos years later via the legendary tag.

Babysitting for the kids

A party is not complete until the children are having fun too. To ensure that the children can enjoy themselves and that someone keeps an eye on things, it is advisable to hire a babysitter.

For example, you could choose to place the children in a different room and furnish it with everything children need, such as toys, sweets & drinks packages.

Copy trend from your friend group

You know them: the Spectacular Party at certain friends, where there is always that one drink, or a certain artist is hired. And it always turns out to be fun, so why not copy this.

It provides a bit of recognition at the party and topics of conversation. So hire that one cocktail shaker or opt for that one hilarious theme . Success guaranteed!

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